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games for kids Activities for kidsGames for kids

New Interactive Games for Kids in the Lingokids App

Ready to embark on an educational journey? Look no further than the Lingokids app—we’ve just released a fantastic array of brand-new content and games for …

language development tips Positive ParentingTalks with an Expert

Boost Language Development in Your Child’s Natural Environment

Trying to spark more verbal communication with your kiddo? We’ve got you! During our Q&A with Dr. Diana Barrett, the child psychologist shed light on …

love language Positive Parenting

Strengthen Bonds by Understanding Your Child’s Love Language

Every child is unique and special in their own way. Just like adults, children also have their own love languages, which are the different ways …

boredom box for kids Home activitiesPositive Parenting

Say Bye to Boredom: Create a Personalized Boredom Box for Kids

Parents all know that the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored!” Although it can be easy to want to entertain children 24/7, there is a lot of …

Kids’ Behavior Talks with an Expert

Kids’ Behavior and Self-Image: Insights from a Child Psychologist

Kids’ behavior and self-image were important themes from a recent Q&A with child psychologist Dr. Diana Barrett. In the Q&A, Dr. Barrett provides insights that …

summer routine for kids Positive Parenting

How to Establish a Summer Routine for Kids

Summer is here, and with school out, it’s time for caregivers to entertain their kids at home for the next eight weeks. While the summer …

tips for traveling with kids Positive Parenting

9 Tips for Traveling with Kids

In need of a vacation but worrying about how to take the kids along? All that planning can become overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve gathered some tips …

games for kids Games for kidsHome activitiesOutdoor activities

6 Super Fun Group Games for Kids!

Hosting the neighborhood kids for an afternoon? Putting together a party for your kiddos? Worried about how to entertain a group of wild rascals? We’ve …

Amazon Fire Tablets Inside Lingokids

Lingokids Brings Playlearning™ to Amazon Fire Tablets!

We are thrilled to announce that the Lingokids app is now available on Amazon Fire Tablets! Our unique and acclaimed Playlearning™ approach offers thousands of …

kids sleep Positive ParentingTalks with an Expert

8 Tips for Kids’ Sleep Issues + Making Bedtime Routines

Kids’ sleep issues can be a common challenge for children of all ages and backgrounds. Whether it’s difficulty falling asleep, fears around bedtime, or disrupted …


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