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Reinforce Repetition with the Recent Activity Button

Do you ever notice how your child loves to play their favorite game, watch their favorite movie, or sing their favorite song again and again? …

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Learn About the 4C’s- The 21st-Century Skills in Early Childhood

Find out how 21st-Century Skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity can nurture our children’s minds for the future. ️ The 21st-Century Skills 21st-Century …

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👻 Boo! 4 Tips To Scare Away Your Child’s Halloween Fears

Facing childhood fears can actually help your child develop confidence Jessica (6), Tommy (2) and Lola (3) are usually very calm children, but suddenly, their …

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Early Literacy: Literacy Activities for Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Kindergarteners

One of the main parents’ concerns today has to do with early literacy: what can I do to stimulate my child’s literacy skills (the ability …

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Blue Socks? Red Socks? 🧦

Suzanne Barchers, EdD It’s a familiar story—everyone needs mom or dad’s attention, just when it’s time to get out the door for preschool, work, or …

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Animals for Kids: Why Respecting Animals Helps Kids of Today Become Better Adults of Tomorrow

Almost 40% of all the species of animals on the planet are endangered. 80% of the world’s cats and dogs are stray or neglected. The …

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It’s Not About Screen Time – It’s About Family Time!

All screen time is not created equal. Many of us probably grew up with our own parents limiting our time watching television or even using …

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Climate Crisis: 7 Simple Things Parents and Kids Can Do to Help Slow Down Global Heating

From the 20th to the 27th of September, people from all over the world will be joining the strikes and marches against climate change. Public …

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Lingokids Family of the Month

We love hearing about Lingokids families! Rachel and her 3 children are from Zimbabwe and they’ve shared their story with us! Meet Rachel and Her …

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Practicing at Home: Hello Song

The Lingokids app is full of fun ways to practice English with your child. Has your child learned to introduce themselves? It’s a simple as…hello, …


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