February 2019: Launch of Improved Kids Area


February 5th, 2019

Thanks to your feedback, Lingokids’ newest version is better than ever. You’ll notice easier navigation throughout the app, as well as helpful new features that customize your child’s learning and allow you to stay up-to-date on their progress. Learn more:

Easier Navigation

We want to make sure your child never gets lost within the app, so our new version features a simpler, more kid-friendly navigation system.

New Kids Area

Our unlock system guides your child through the new curriculum

Your child will naturally progress through our redesigned curriculum, unlocking new units as they complete activities.

New Kids Area


️ Learning Map gives parents more insight

Now you can track your child’s progress within our curriculum. See exactly what topics they are learning and how much progress they have made.

New Kids Area


Magic Shuffle Button continuously loads more games

The magic button appears when your child scrolls to the end of the games on their homepage. A simple click instantly refreshes games!

New Kids Area


Suggestions System selects high-priority content

Your child will have repeated exposure to activities that challenge them most, ensuring that they master the material in each topic before advancing to the next level.

New Kids Area

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