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Try These Online Games With Your Child

The world of computer games keeps growing and growing, including video games for children. It is becoming more and more common to find that children both use and control computers and games consoles better than their parents and that they spend more time in front of the screens than adults.

A lot of parents do not know how to deal with this situation. Is it ok that children spend so much time in front of smartphones, tablets, computers, consoles, etc…? What effects do video games have on them? Are they only wasting time in front of the computer?

My Child Will Not Move From The Computer, Should I Be Worried?

The truth is that parents shouldn’t worry. It’s obvious that anything excessively isn’t good (excesses of any type of hobby or activity) but, beyond that, online games can be of great benefit.

There are many studies that show how video games can help to boost children’s intellectual abilities and improve their development in the following skills:

It is also worth pointing out that the same studies have shown time after time that there is no correlation between video games and violent or irrational behavior.

What does this mean exactly? Well, that a lot of the time, the concerns that parents may have, are often down to a lack of information. So, no prejudgements! As with many other hobbies and past times, video games and technology, in general, can be a huge help to the development of children.

The key is the content and in moderation. When it comes to deciding which online games to play, it’s important that parents take part in deciding what is appropriate and what’s not, and that parents control the amount of time dedicated to video games.

These Are A Few Guidelines:

  • Implement a timetable for the use of the computer and make sure that it’s followed.
  • Choose video games together with your children. It is important that they like the game but it is also important that it is appropriate for their age.
  • Show an interest in the game, help them to understand the rules and the ways to play, help them understand to story within the game, etc.


The Best Gaming Portals For Children And Online Gaming

With the huge number of websites and app stores available on the internet, finding the right games for your children to play online may be difficult. Also, a game is good or bad can depend on the age of the child, and more importantly their preferences.

This is why that rather than specific games, we are going to recommend the best internet gaming portals where you can find all different types of great games that are appropriate for children of all ages. Let’s begin!


App Store (Apple) and Play Store (Google)

If your children use a tablet or smartphone, these options are inevitable but are also recommended. Both of them have specific sections for children, organized by theme, category… and you can read the reviews left by other users. You can also be sure that your child will not come across any violent content.


This website specializes in educational games. It contains many different games for each age group that requires good maths and language skills to advance, making this a good option to learn whilst playing!



Lego has put together a wide-ranging collection of mini-games that are fun, creative and appropriate for children. Obviously, all of the games are based on characters and objects made from Lego that vary from driving and action games to games that require you to create scenes from the Lego bricks within the games. This portal is a must for all children.



Children will love this portal, the Disney website includes many different types of games, using different themes and objectives. A big advantage of this site is that all of the games are based on well-known characters that children will recognize instantly, Star Wars, Marvel, Frozen, etc…



This portal used for the sale of video games has practically been converted into the standard for PC games. It also includes many games that have been specifically developed for children. It must be pointed out that currently there is no dedicated section for children’s games, so we do recommend that parents help their children to choose games. The wide variety, reasonable prices and the rating system from previous users have made Steam a really good option to find online games for children.


If there is one thing that the internet is full of, it is online games for children of all ages. The choices are endless, but it does require you to search and decide.

While under supervision, video games will open a world of new experiences. What are you waiting for? Sit down with your children and enjoy the world of online games!


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