How To Make The Most Out Of Our Online Summer Camp: LINGOCAMP! ⛺☀️

The summer months can seem endless. With longer days, a lack of routine, and the end of wider school community support, everything can seem a bit overwhelming. This summer also presents the unique challenge of restrictions on movement and activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With limited opportunities for summer camps and travel, it can be difficult to find things to look forward to this summer. That’s why we at Lingokids wanted to find a way to make this summer special!

Why An Online Summer Camp?

lingocamp in the forest

Online summer camps can be a great way to keep kids entertained this summer, by introducing a fun routine and plenty of exciting new activities! With a clear structure, kids can have something to look forward to every day, in absence of traditional summer activities. Our free virtual summer camp is going to help kids learn all about friendship, community, and responsibility in an engaging setting, while teaching vital skills through playlearning™.

️ What Can Kids Do This Summer 2020? Introducing… The LingoCamp!

LingoCamp is a place where kids can learn big stuff the fun way. Taking place over eight weeks, the camp will equip your kids with 21st-century skills, allowing them to engage with the world competently and confidently. This camp will focus on the following areas:

Literacy and specialized vocabulary from the following topics:

  • Kitchen, sports, food, nature, weather, bugs, forest animals, animal habitats, outdoor gear.
  • Social-emotional learning.
  • Responsibility and collaboration.
  • Physical movement.
Cowy and Baby Bot at Lingocamp

Everyone can come to LingoCamp:

  • Basic users can enjoy three activities a day.
  • Our unlimited users will have unrestricted access to the camp.

LingoCamp is an online summer camp, designed to be played for 15-30 minutes at a time. We want our online camp to enhance summer 2020 by encouraging family bonding time and an educational structure that’s centered around playlearning™.

Our goal with LingoCamp is to make the most out of playtime! We have incorporated playlearning™ in all our activities, to offer a fun experience, which will develop kids’ sense of adventure and help them come up with bright ideas!

Elliot at Lingocamp!

Through these activities, your kids will also learn important, specialized vocabulary and helpful life skills like mindfulness for kids, leadership skills, and recycling. In short, LingoCamp is an amazing addition to your kids’ playtime this summer!

So what are you waiting for? Read on for a sneak peek about what’s coming with LingoCamp 2020!

Our LingoCamp Sneak Peek!

Week One: Cocka-doodle-do

Rise and shine, campers! It’s week one! Enjoy our brand new mini-episode, “Welcome to LingoCamp”, and our fun “Runner Forest Game” as you playlearn. Also, get ready to learn all about your favorite insects.

Week Two: Learning the Ropes

It’s the second week and we’re starting to get the hang of this whole LingoCamp thing. So why not enjoy our “Discovery Camp Activity” and discover more of what LingoCamp has to offer!

Week Three: Walkie-Talkie

Time to get chatty at LingoCamp! With our mini-episode, “Look Baby Bot” and also a brand new “Talking Baby Bot Game”, Walkie-Talkie week is sure to be a blast – not to mention, a great way to teach kids vital communication skills.

Week Four: It Takes Two To Tango

This week is a very important week, as it’s all about collaboration. Featuring one of our popular Play-Together games, “The Tractor Game”, this week will enable your kids to practice their collaboration skills while enjoying important family bonding time. This week also encourages the family to get active together, as you will dance along to the dangerously catchy “Don’t Stop Baby Bot!”

Week Five: Get in the Zen Zone

After all the action from last week, week five is a much-needed introduction to mindfulness. This week will provide your kids with the tools they need to calm their minds and bodies. Your little ones will love tracing flowers and playing soothing sticker games, all designed to get your kids into the zen zone!

Week 6: The Buddy System

This week is designed to help your kids feel like they are part of a community, despite the restrictions they may be facing at home. With our brand new “Friendship Chant” coming out, as well as our audiobook “Cowy’s Cap,” your kids will have plenty of opportunities to playlearn while making new buddies.

Week 7: The World is Coming Alive

Watch as your kids practice engaging with the world around them through our song, “The World is Coming Alive” and our “Beach Game!” Our “Picnic Sticker Game” is also a fun activity that shows kids the perfect picnic, which you may even want to recreate at home.

Week 8: You Made It, LingoCamper!

Wow! A whole eight weeks later, and here we are. This week is all about taking responsibility and ownership. Your kids will learn about the important topic of recycling! Tidy up the camp as you celebrate finishing LingoCamp. Also, remember to look out for your certificate at the end – a great way to remember all your hard work at LingoCamp!

Top Tips to Make the Most out of LingoCamp!

Make Sure To Keep Your App Updated!

LingoCamp will only be available when you update your app. Keep an eye on the App Store and Google Play Store to see our latest updates, signposted by our snazzy LingoCamp designs!

You will also have to update the app during LingoCamp. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you to update so you won’t miss any content!

How Much Time Should We Spend on LingoCamp?

We recommend that you spend the same amount of time on LingoCamp as you normally would on Lingokids. So, four or five times a week for about 15 to 30 minutes at a time.

Treat LingoCamp As A Family Affair!

One benefit of LingoCamp is that it can be something you can all enjoy as a family:

  • Why not set aside space at home that you can treat as your “camp?” Find somewhere comfy and visit it all together once a day to complete the LingoCamp activities. Make sure to continue practicing the activities and the vocabulary your kids have learned once LingoCamp is over.
  • Why not take a walk in nature, where your kids can point out the names of bugs they see?
  • Prepare a picnic inspired by our “Picnic Sticker Game!”
  • Take some time out of your day to practice meditating together, inspired by “Get in the Zen Zone.”

And for our last (and maybe most important) tip! Check the LINGOCAMP page for the latest information and updates!

Who’s excited for LingoCamp? We certainly are! Make sure to keep an eye out on our social media channels for our run-up to LingoCamp and click here to download the app.


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