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Group Games for Children

What child doesn’t like to play? This is something all children love, they like to have fun and spend hours and hours playing. When they are little, a great percentage of their life they spend it playing, but not just as a way of entertainment but as a way of learning because, there are many teaching ways to help children learn.

Games improve identity and the self-esteem of children, that’s why it is good that from an early age they start to play the most fun games since these will help in the personal development of children. Playing is good for them because besides having a lot of fun, it is a good opportunity to socialize and relate to other children.

Team games are ideal to improve our children’s social abilities and improve different aspects like communication or to work as a team.


The Best Team Games

There are many games that can be ideal to play as a team, some can be played at home or outside, these are some of the best games, and some of them very traditional, but that will still be fun to play for children.

Sack Races

This game is one of the most traditional and known games, on top of this it is a very simple game and we only need a couple of sacks or trash bags and a good field so children can run. This game consists of two children getting into a sack waist-deep, each kid having a different sack.

We have to mark the starting point and the finishing line, then when you say 3, children have to start running inside the sack, and the person who gets to the finishing line first wins. It is a fun game that promotes competitiveness in a healthy way between children and since it is a game that needs aerobic exercises, it will help our children to stay in shape while they have fun.


Catch The Dragon’s Tail

This is a very fun and traditional game that started in China in reference to the traditional and symbolic dragon of the culture. In this game, the first step is to do a toss to choose who will be the dragon’s head. Once we know who will be the dragon’s head, the rest will have to do a row behind that person and grab the child’s t-shirt they have in front of them.

Now that we’ve formed the dragon the game starts, the objective is that the child that is the head has to grab the last child of the row. The row cannot separate if a child does, the head will be the tail and the second child of the row will be the first. This game is very good so that children learn to relate and improve their teamwork.


Step On The Balloon

This is one of the most fun games and besides you can play it either in winter or summer, although of course during the cold we can only use balloons, in summer we can use balloons full of water, this will make it a lot more fun and refreshing!

The game consists on tying a balloon to a string in the ankle of children, each child will have their balloon and the objective is to explore the balloon of the rest of the children, the last child that still has the intact balloon wins.


The 4 Corners

For this game you need to define 4 corners, you can either play inside a classroom or outside marking corners with any object. La way you play is the following:

Each child has to be in a corner, one of the children has to be in the middle. The children that are in the corners have to change their positions rotating constantly to another corner and that way the child that doesn’t have a corner has to go to the middle for the next round. This game is a good game for children to improve their communication skills since they will have to agree on the time to change corners If they don’t want to lose their place.

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