Iberia and Lingokids will offer English to children onboard

Iberia & Lingokids

Madrid, February 27th, 2019
– Iberia and Lingokids have signed a collaboration agreement that will include contents from the English learning platform as part of the airline’s inflight entertainment. This way, young children between 2 to 8 years old will now be able to practice their English through Lingokids’ videos, games, and songs during flights across Europe, America, and Asia.

Iberia offers an exclusive section inflight entertainment directed at children, with movies, songs, stories, games, and a wide selection of cartoons for all ages. The section is equipped with parental controls that require authorization according to the child’s age. Starting in March, Iberia will now add high-quality educational content from Lingokids specifically designed and curated for the little ones.

While playing Lingokids, kids will enter into a world with unique characters. Aesthetically pleasing and charming, they will be able to reinforce their learned knowledge and discover new concepts without realizing that they are learning — all through an innovative methodology and content created by experts.

Keeping young children entertained during long-haul flights can prove to be quite a challenge for parents. Thanks to our collaboration with Iberia, kids will now be able to enjoy themselves and stay distracted for long periods of time whilst practicing their English” assures Cristóbal Viedma, CEO, and co-founder of Lingokids.

Mr. Jesús López Solás, Director of Customers at Iberia, says, “We are always looking for ways to improve and personalize the travel experience for our customers, and that includes the little ones. Our entertainment system offers a channel just for them, with movies, TV series, music, games… and now with Lingokids we can encourage them to practice their English, the fun way.

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