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Join the Playlearning™ Adventure on Amazon!

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The Lingokids app is now available to download in the Amazon App Store

Families with an Amazon Tablet can download the app and enjoy the Playlearning adventure with Lingokids. 


Benefits of Lingokids

With the Lingokids app, children can learn modern skills for the modern world. While playing, children interact and learn from fun, original characters! 

  • Play: 1,200+ fun games, songs, puzzles, activities, and more! 


  • Learn: Reading and literacy; math and engineering; science and technology; music and art; history and geography; and physical activity


  • Grow: Modern life skills like empathy, creativity, mindfulness, and more! 


  • Progress: See children’s progression in a variety of subjects and levels


  • Celebrate: Follow your child’s interests and praise their achievements in the app


  • Thrive: Spark success with a curriculum that supports 21st-century skills for a modern world


Amazon and Lingokids 💙

Families who use Amazon Tablets can head to Amazon and download the app there! Interested in learning more about Lingokids? Check out the content on our YouTube channels

Let us know how much your child enjoys playing Lingokids by tagging us on social media.

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