March 2019 – Lingokids Video Clip Feature Launch

Thanks to your feedback, Lingokids’ newest version is better than ever! Don’t have the newest version? Update your app here.

What’s new?

Video Clips

Our team of experts has prepared fun video clips with our characters to introduce your child to new units in our curriculum. Every time your child unlocks a new unit, they’ll go on an adventure with the Lingokids characters.

What will your child see in the Video Clips?

After unlocking Unit 1, the adventure begins! Your child will take their first ride on the Lingobus with the characters. Check it out:

When they unlock Unit 2, they’re ready to learn about new sights and sounds. To prepare for these new topics, the Lingobus goes on a journey to explore the forest. Check it out here:

Then, when they unlock Unit 3, the Lingobus takes a trip to the farm. Get ready for lots of laughs in this one!

As they discover more of the Lingokids world in the app, the Lingobus will take them to amazing places. They’ll see the ocean, explore the city, and more.

There’s a wonderful adventure to be had every time your child unlocks a new unit in Lingokids. After all, your child is the main character in the Lingokids story, and adventure awaits!

The best part? Lisa, Eliot, Billy, Cowy, Bobby, and Ricky are always along for the ride.

What else is new?

Easier Tracing (so that your child never gets stuck!)

We’ve made significant improvements to our tracing games, adapting them to your child’s age. For the little ones, a simple tap on the blue and white arrow button will allow the tracing game to complete itself. For older kids, they’ll have to trace it properly.

Screenshot 20190326 112642 Lingokids

There’s more!

Now, your child will experience even easier navigation. We added new navigation buttons in each activity so that they can easily play, repeat or switch activities.

Come back soon for new updates!

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