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New Year – New Look! Introducing The New Lingokids

❤️ Meet The New Lingokids! The Best App To Help Your Child Learn By Doing

At Lingokids, playlearning™ means “learning by doing!” We invite you to share in the playlearning™ experience with us.

Lingokids has a new look and feels as we approach a brand new decade, 2020. We want to invite you to join in the learning adventure with your child… or as we call it, Playlearning™! We know new beginnings can be scary and overwhelming. Perhaps you’re starting a new job, trying a new diet plan, or welcoming a little one to this world in the new decade. These changes are never easy, but nothing worth having ever was!

No matter the changes that lay in front of all of us, it is always exciting to seize new opportunities. For Lingokids, our march into the next decade includes introducing ourselves to our newest friends: The United States.

We are Lingokids. We are a team of educational specialists and adventure seekers that work to help every kid in the world discover their inner superpowers. Through our Playlearning™ app, Lingokids gives children a fun learning experience to help them develop their adventurous spirit and bright ideas. Kids enjoy learning with our playful, educational games, and families can spend quality time together while using the app.

Lingokids has an innovative approach to “learning by doing”. What exactly does that mean? Well, let’s answer some of your questions now!


What Does Lingokids Help My Child Learn? Discover Our “Learning By Doing” Approach.

The Lingokids app serves as a supplemental tool for traditional schooling – offering a learning experience in English. It helps children expand their vocabulary, improve their writing skills, and learn modern life lessons. With a wide variety of games, characters, and content, kids can are exposed to a plethora of topics- all in English!

This includes words, colors, foods, animals, and touches on important themes like creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, environmental care, and empathy.


Is Lingokids Safe For My Child To Use?

The new lingokids

Lingokids is 100% ad-free and safe for kids. We believe that the best way to play is to play it safe. Our app is designed for kids to experience fun, interactive learning games without interruptions or any adult themes. The method behind our wonderful world of education is simple: the more kids enjoy playing, the more they’ll learn.

In order to promote a Playlearning™ environment that works for the whole family, we’ve designed our app to be safety-first with age-appropriate content specifically for kids. The app also has an impressive repertoire of safety awards and is KidSAFE Coppa Certified.


Is Lingokids Only For Kids? Can I Follow What My Child Does In The App?

The Lingokids app has a special section just for you, the Parents Area! This is a full hub where parents can follow their child’s progress and explore the entire catalog of Lingokids’ curriculum. Getting involved with Lingokids by taking full advantage of the Parent’s Area is a great way to help your child play and learn… and make sure they’re progressing each week! We welcome the entire family to join in on the fun and share special moments with their child.


How Do I Get Access To Lingokids For My Child?

Lingokids is a subscription-based app that comes in a basic version and an unlimited version.

  • Lingokids Basic ($0 per month)
    • You and your child can access 3 games, songs or videos per day
  • Lingokids Unlimited ($14.99 per month) You and your child get:
    • 600+ games, songs, and videos, anytime
    • Access to Progress Center
    • Ability to play on all the family’s mobile devices
    • Ability to download games and play offline (without internet connection)


One Last Thing!

Let us leave you with one last little nugget about us and the Lingokids app…

In the upcoming decade, Lingokids aims to bring Playlearning™ to children around the globe- allowing all children, no matter their background, access to excellent education in English. Lingokids’ lessons go beyond language- they inspire playlearning™ moments and memories. Our content takes the family on an adventure…from learning the flags of the world to learning the planet names, musical instruments, and ABC’s by rocking out together!

It’s about making each new beginning count, which is why 2020 is the perfect time to start learning with Lingokids.

Check out our blog and YouTube channel for parenting tips and family-friendly activities.

We hope you and your family enjoy playlearning™ together! Make sure to keep checking back in with us, as there’s always something new to learn!

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