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Fill Your Kids’ Day with These Amazing Online Resources to Enjoy at Home!

Finding things to do each day with kids can be a bit overwhelming, as they can quickly get bored! To help out, we have done our research and compiled a list of amazing and helpful platforms with fun activities, which should make planning your day a little bit easier.



Online Platforms for 2 to 4-year-olds


Story place platform

Find a great array of reading and story related resources at StoryPlace, aiming to recreate the experience of going to storytime at a library. With a wide range of content, this is a great way to continue with one of your child’s favorite parts of the week whilst at home.


gonooddle platform

Join 14 million other kids each month with GoNoodle’s wildly popular movement and mindfulness videos. Working with child development specialists, athletes, choreographers, and mindfulness experts, the videos aim to help children burn excess energy and wake up their minds through dance parties, yoga sessions, and mindfulness activities.

Disney Story Central Podcast

Disney Story Central Podcast platform

Take a break with an engaging Disney story read aloud, and help your children develop their listening skills. Featuring Disney’s best-loved stories and most popular characters, this podcast is an excellent resource to help your children wind down at the end of the day.


Online Platforms for 5 and 6 years olds

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press

Never run out of things to do with the Oxford University online learning resources, with their Games Zone, songs, and videos.


PBS for parents

In this section, find a wide array of different tips for five-year-olds, including activities to get involved with and tips to help teach them 21st-century skills. Perfect for helping continue to meet developmental milestones, this PBS website is a useful resource for finding ways to structure activities.


Cooking with Kids

Cooking with kids

Find a wide array of recipes perfect to try out with your kids! Teach them a vital life skill whilst having fun in the kitchen, and after, you can enjoy tasting your new creations! These recipes are helpfully simplified for children and strive to be healthy and nutritious.


Online platforms for 7+ years olds

Google Arts and Cultures

Google Arts and Cultures

Curious kids will love the opportunity to go around some of the world’s most famous museums from the comfort of their own homes. An outstanding resource, why not take a look at these museums together and discover different things about our world!



Explore Live Cams

Explore Live Cams

Animal lovers will be delighted to watch Explore’s Live Cams, where they can see an array of different wildlife in their natural habitats. Travel around the world through these Live Cams and watch elephants in Kenya, donkeys in Massachusetts or alligators in Florida. Which is going to be your favorite animal?


Lunchtime Doodles With Mo Willems

Lunchtime doodles with Mo Willems

Each time at 13.00 ET, the beloved illustrator Mo Willems is inviting kids into his virtual studio and creating a step by step lunchtime doodle! Why not join in and learn from this incredible illustrator? The website also has a collection of each of the doodles, so if it doesn’t fit your time zone your kid can still join in!.




Online platforms for all ages!

Audible Books

Audible Books

Audible is releasing lots of audiobooks stories for kids to listen to, so enjoy this fantastic resource and make sure your child never runs out of stories. The stories can be streamed via laptop, phone, tablet, or desktop computer and include several narrated by famous celebrities!


Free Rice

Free Rice

Help your children learn about charity and social responsibility by playing the fun games on Free Rice! Each correct answer triggers grains of rice to be donated to the World Food Programme, a United Nations Organisation. This site already has raised enough money to feed 1.5 million people!

Rakuten Family TV

Rakuten tv lingokids

Enjoy thousands of films from Rakuten TV. With a child-safe viewing experience, enjoy the best family films all together on an array of different devices. Choose from blockbusters to family classics, all in one convenient space!

Lingokids App

Of course, we are a great online platform for kids too!✌️

Starting from 2+ year olds, Lingokids is a fun way to playlearn as a family with 600+ activities, games, songs, and other resources. With Lingokids, kids can learn more than just English through playlearning™, with our focus on essential skills and 21st-century values throughout the app.

Your child will practice over 3000 English vocabulary words and can learn about 60 different topics! They’ll practice the English alphabet (ABC), listen to audiobooks, and sing songs in English.

We hope that this list has been helpful! Let us know on our social media channels if you try any out and also share what platforms you’ve been relying on during this time!

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