Turn Room Cleaning Into Fun and Games For Your Child

There are only so many personal skills we want to teach our children while they are young. Certainly one of the most important ones is to be clean and organized. Now, as we swear by a natural way of learning English, we want to use all the everyday activity opportunities to sneak in a bit of English and to make the dull routines more fun. Check out our ideas and turn room cleaning into fun and games!


We can understand if cleaning up isn’t your kid’s favorite activity. That’s why you need to motivate them with a song. This ”Clean Up Song” will have them cleaning up the room with a lot of enthusiasm and ease.

↔️Learn the opposites

While putting the toys back in their place, learn about the opposites in English. Compare a big toy to a small one; an old one to a new one. Tell them to put the dirty clothes in the laundry room and the clean ones in the wardrobe. Download our printable material about opposites to help you out.

Learn prepositions

Give your child instructions about where to put the toys. Tell them to put the teddy bear on the bed or the clothes in the wardrobe. Important note: tell them they must not sweep the dust under the carpet?

Educational apps

On the Lingokids app there is an entire topic about the bedroom. You will find content for all of the things we have mentioned above. Before you start cleaning up the room spend 15 minutes on Lingokids. Listen to fun English songs, learn the prepositions and opposites through fun games and short lessons and apart from learning English you’ll be ready to make the bedroom spotless in no time.

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