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How to Support School Subjects and Life Skills with Music

school subjects and life skills with music

Music is a wonderful tool for supporting learning. Through music, you can reinforce what your child is learning in their school subjects or the life skills they are learning at home. There are many benefits to listening to music with children, and studies even show that music helps enhance brain function by stimulating neuro pathways! 

Songs, chants, and raps can help children improve their memory and ability to integrate new information. Plus, listening to music can be really relaxing and fun for both kiddos and their grownups! 

Sometimes it’s easier to explain complex concepts with music. Is your child learning about the weather and seasons? Play a song to reinforce their understanding! Are they curious about why we go to the bathroom? Yep, there’s a song for that too!


Music for school subjects and life skills

The ABCs and beyond

Songs like “ABC Chant” and “One Special Sound” help boost listening, reading, and speaking skills by introducing children to phonics and letter combinations. Kids don’t have to study the lessons within the song… all they’ll need to do to learn is sing and dance along!


Seriously cool science

Does your child ask a lot of questions like, “Why is the sky blue?” or “Where does water come from?” You may not have the answers to every single question, but songs like “The Planets Song” and “The Artic Animals Song” can help you explain new things in a way that is engaging and fun.


All about math

Thanks to technology and creativity, there are more ways to learn math than just with a pencil and calculator! Is your child an active learner who sometimes finds it difficult to sit down and concentrate? The “Skip Counting Dance Song” is a great way to learn about multiplication while moving and grooving with fun dance moves.


Totally technical techies 

Help children prepare for their future with songs about engineering, coding, and technology! Songs like “The Jobs Song” introduce children to the many different opportunities available to them.


Raising amazing children

Music can also support families in teaching kids important values and social skills. “The Brushing Teeth Song” supports life skills like personal hygiene and daily routines. The “Please and Thank You” song reinforces good manners and being polite! 


Songs for English Language Learners

One of the best ways to learn a new language is through music! Not only does music help children retain new words and information, but it also helps them hear how to pronounce words correctly in a different language! The “English Songs for Kids” is a great playlist for learners (kids and grownups!) who are practicing their speaking and listening skills in English.


School Subjects, Life Skills, and Lingokids

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