Traditional Children’s Games to Play at Home

Rainy day at the weekend? Having children and trying to find things to do during a rainy day at home doesn’t have to be difficult, it just requires a bit of imagination.

Here are a few ideas that are entertaining and will always work.

Ways To Pass Time At Home With Children

Remember playing hide and seek or word chains? If it’s raining and you can’t go outside, it’s possible that you and your son or daughter will get bored sitting indoors. This is why we are going to recommend a few activities and games that are entertaining and that everyone will have played.

Sitting in front of the television can be an alternative but not all the shows are appropriate for everyone. Unless you have cable, you will find that there are not many dedicated children’s channels available. Either way, everyone in the family can take advantage of this time together by staying active and finding activities that can help children to develop both physically and intellectually.


I Spy

The game “I spy” is a classic children’s game for passing time together at home, in a waiting room, or even on a long journey. This game can help children to broaden their vocabulary and improve their concentration. It consists of one of you trying to find an object within eyesight, that the other players must then guess by only knowing the first letter of its name. Once the object has been decided, it is time for that unforgettable question:

“I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with…”


The Forbidden Letter

As with the previous game, this does not require any additional material and will cause plenty of laughs. This game helps to enhance a child’s ability to maintain their concentration and requires them to visualize the alphabet in their head, searching for the forbidden letters before pronouncing them. The game consists of maintaining a conversation without pronouncing a forbidden letter or substituting that letter with another.

For example, the forbidden letter is A. “How w*s your d*y tod*y *t school with Mich*el?” It can get difficult but it is very entertaining. Try to include noises instead of the forbidden letters for even more fun.


Charades – Miming Game

This miming game is another classic game that is played by both adults and children. Divide your group into teams and then take turns trying to guess what one of the members is trying to mime. A good way to start is by choosing movie titles, tv shows, cartoons etc. Choose a theme and start miming!


Word Chains

An entertaining game for children to have fun with and to enhance their language skills. It consists of saying a word, then having to say another word beginning with the last letter of the word before. For example, if somebody begins with “red”, then the next word might be “dog”, then “green” and so on. If somebody can’t think of a word within the time limit or repeats a word already used, then they are eliminated.


Who Am I?

Think of a few famous characters, fictional or not, and write them onto pieces of paper that must then be placed on each other’s foreheads. Each player must try to guess the character they have on their head by asking questions that must be answered with yes and no’s. For example, am I a cartoon? Am I a boy or a girl?


Hide and Seek

You must know how to play this game. It is very simple and very fun. One of you must start to count and everyone else must find somewhere in the house to hide. Once they reach ten, then it is time to start the hunt!


With this list of activities, you will have a great time together at home, playing as a family and before you know it, that storm may have passed and you can get back outdoors. These games are fun to play and they will also help children to learn new things, improve their vocabularies, improve their capacity of expression, and will also help them to stay active even when being stuck indoors. The next time it starts to rain, they will be the first ones to suggest playing their favorite one.


Check out these ideas! If your children can’t go out because they are unwell or if you are looking for games to improve their memory.

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