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Holiday Gifting

For Parents, The Perception Of Holiday Gifting Has Shifted Since Confinement

72% of surveyed parents are now considering gifting edtech apps as they now place more value on items that enhance learning

NEW YORK, NY December 10th, 2020 – To no surprise, children’s use of technology and habits have shifted since the global pandemic began. Educational learning app Lingokids conducted a survey with toddler parents of children ages 2 to 5 years old on how the pandemic has changed their opinion when it comes to holiday gifting and how, this year, they will prioritize to provide gifts that enhance learning. 

In reference to the perspective of tech and children and how it has shifted since Covid-19, Kate Regan, Senior Manager of Learning Experience at Lingokids, shared that “teachers, children and parents alike fully expect that a shift has happened, and it won’t “unhappen.” Convenience and independent learning are just two positive factors to mention. The good news is that parents and children grew closer during the pandemic, something that we also, gladly, expect to not “unhappen.”

65% of the surveyed parents shared Covid-19 has changed the perception of holiday gifting, focusing on learning toys that supplement online learning while adding these experiences can benefit the child in an interactive and engaging way. One parent shared “we’re sticking to educational and open-ended toys that can be played with year-round. We now try to buy gifts that can grow with our son but that also suits his interests.” With others agreeing that they are now looking for items that focus on the educational aspect, as more learning-based gifts have become more important for their child’s continued development.

With more than 55% of the surveyed parents managing online education in the last school year, 84% have been using learning apps to supplement traditional schooling methods. A parent shared that “I think we need to focus more on digital education with gifts that are more technology-related products,” with the idea that parents are now planning to gift their children resources that can be helpful for their intellectual growth while staying at home, as some parents continue to worry about their children having academic regression.  

Over 72% of parents consider gifting their children playlearning™ apps this year, since they want to be able to provide them with gifts that are more than a physical item, rather experiences that can continue reinforcing their learning and brain stimulation. Since one on one interactions have been limited, they also seek ways to learn new skills and learn since they still find importance in the children getting in extracurricular activities, even through an educational app. With edtech being a prioritized option this year, parents believe it will suit their children since they can continue to learn in a fun way, in a safe environment. 

Lingokid’s playlearning™ feature enables children to expand their vocabulary, improve their writing skills, and get involved in a safe game-based learning experience. It offers engaging content and games that teach words, colors, numbers, animals, fruits, and everyday language, while exposing young kids to 21st-century skills and topics, such as creativity, caring for the environment, critical thinking, collaboration, and empathy. The hub,, also offers, in addition to weekly plans, several tiers of programming that entail a parent community, blog posts, and videos. This additional content is available to provide access to any questions, doubts and advice from other parents, and experts in early learning. 

To learn more about how Lingokids utilizes technology, safety and activities to promote skill-learning, please visit

About Lingokids:

Lingokids is the playlearning™ app for children between 2 and 8 years old. 25 million families already use the platform. Lingokids’ mission is to help parents raise amazing kids and break down educational barriers to create equal opportunities for all kids. The company collaborates with NGOs and foundations around the world, such as Save the Children in the US, UNICEF, UNHCR and Red Cross, Pies Descalzos in Colombia (founded by Shakira), and the Queen Rania Foundation in Jordan. Lingokids also collaborates with companies like T-Mobile, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Oxford University Press, Vodafone or Iberia. Lingokids has been featured as one of the best learning apps in media like Vogue, The Hechinger Report, and The Orlando Sentinel. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lingokids donated 40,000 app licenses to schools and NGOs. It was also chosen as one of the Top20StartUps by LinkedIn. The company has raised $23 million in funds to date from investment companies like HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, JME Ventures, Ravensburger, All Iron Ventures or K-Fund’s founding partners, and business angels like Gwynne Shotwell, President and COO of SpaceX.


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