Top 5 Ideas for Family Holiday Traditions

Family Holiday Traditions

The holiday season has arrived! December is a time for enchanting lights, festive music on the radio, and time spent with loved ones. In your own home, a great way to get into the holiday spirit is by starting some new traditions with your children. There are so many activities for kids of all ages you can get them involved in. The holiday season is a great opportunity to create meaningful memories with your children. 

Here are some fun ideas for activities to brighten up the holiday season!


5 School Holiday and Family Fun Ideas

1. Build gingerbread houses

How fun would it be to sit around the kitchen making gingerbread houses together? If you don’t want to make the gingerbread house from scratch, you can find pre-made kits with all the necessary materials. For the decorations, you’ll need sprinkles, gummy bears, icing, and other colorful candies. Play some holiday music in the background and dance around while you make them!

You can even have decorating competitions with the whole family and vote on the most creative gingerbread houses. 

gingerbread houses


2. Make colorful paper snowflakes

This activity is super fun and crafty! Many people make paper snowflakes during the holiday season… but instead of making them all white, how about making bright snowflakes with paper in different colors? Cut out fun shapes together and decorate the snowflakes with sparkles!

Then allow your child to place their snowflakes all around your home to make it merry and bright! Remember to supervise children with scissors, and do the cutting for the very young ones yourself.

colorful snowflake craft for kids


3. Read holiday books at bedtime

The great thing about this cozy season is there are so many engaging holiday books to read. Pick 31 books (one for each day in December) or find a book of short stories.

Right before bedtime, read your child a fun, imagination-filled story. Who doesn’t love a story before bedtime?

holiday books for kids


4. Perform a random act of kindness

One great idea is to have your children go through their room and pick 1 or 2 old toys to donate to other kids in need. Explain to them that the toy they donate will give so much joy to another child their age. Talk to your child throughout the process of picking an unused toy and donating it so that they can understand the impact of their kindness. 

Other ideas include giving out baked goods to families in the neighborhood, singing carols at a retirement home, or donating canned goods to a food kitchen. It’s really nice to involve kids in acts of kindness during the holidays and is a powerful way to teach them about gratitude and citizenship. 

donating for the holidays


5. Visit neighborhoods with Christmas lights

One fun thing about the December season is when neighborhoods put up festive lights in their front yards and houses. Pour hot cocoa into thermoses and dress up with fun hats, glowing necklaces, and reindeer antlers.

Take your kids around nearby neighborhoods to see all the lights and pick their favorite, twinkling homes. As you walk, you can sing holiday songs together and greet other families in the neighborhood! 

neighborhood christmas lights


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