We are Lingokids

We’re the playlearning™ app for kids ages 2-8 years old.

By learning through play, your child will develop skills like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. Join the adventure!

Houston, we have a mission…

To help 45+ million families raise amazing kids through play, play, and more play!

Our history

There weren't many early learning app options for kids back in the 2010s... until CEO Cristobal Viedma took it upon himself to make one. In 2015, Lingokids was born!

Where it all began

End of 2015

We started forming our team and designing the first playlearning™ games for Lingokids

monkimun logo

3-2-1 blast off! The Lingokids app is launched

February, 2016

Lingokids became available for Android devices

We reached 1 million users across the globe. Yohoooo!

March, 2017

Our first of many “million user milestones!”

Lingocharacters 2.0

January, 2019

Guillermo García Carsi, creator of Pocoyo gave our Lingocharacters an adorable new look

Lingokids Rebranding

December, 2019

We realized “life’s like a playground and everyone should get to play!” So our team created Play Together games for the whole family to playlearn together. Then, we created the Lingokids Community to help grown-ups around the world connect about their parenting journeys.

Our numbers

Our kids grow fast, and so do our numbers.



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Our social responsibility

We collaborate with:

Our educational board

The Lingokids Curriculum and Methodology are guided by our prestigious Board of Educators. Our board members come from diverse backgrounds in the field of education with expertise in literacy instruction, vocabulary development, child psychology, ESL instruction, and educational technology.

Suzanne Barchers, EdD

Education Advisory Board Chair Lingokids

Former Editor in Chief and VP of Leapfrog Enterprises; former Managing Editor at Weekly Reader.

Award-winning author of more than 250 books for teachers and children, plus two college textbooks.

Served on PBS and Association of Educational Publishers Advisory Boards.

Ellen A. Wartella, PhD

Professor and Director of the Center on Media and Human Development Northwestern University

Researcher in the role of media in children’s development. She is the Al-thani Professor of Communication Studies, Director of the Center on Media and Human Development and Chair of the Department of Communication Studies at Northwestern University.


Our investors (complete list here) include:

Gwynne Shotwell

Gwynne Shotwell

President & COO

Marc Yi

Marc Yi

Former MD

Our castle

We are based in the center of
sunny Madrid, Spain!

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