actividades para el mes del autismo caballos Inspiration

6+ Family Activities for Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month! It takes a village to raise amazing kids, so we’ve created a list of 6+ fun and inclusive activities for …

actividad poética en familia New activities for kids

Spark Creativity with a Poetry Activity for the Whole Family

Writing poems isn’t just for literary experts and romantics—kids can be encouraged to write beautiful and creative poems, too! This ‘Mad Libs’ poetry activity is …

aprendizaje segundo idioma a edad temprana Inspiration

5 Myths about Learning a Second Language at an Early Age

In today’s diverse and fast-paced world, many parents want their children to learn a second (or even third!) language.  Although there are numerous benefits to …

lograr que los niños se duerman Tips for parents

3 Tips for Getting Your Child to Go to Sleep

Let’s be honest… one of the hardest parts about parenting is the lack of sleep—for kids and for parents! Introducing the infamous bedtime routine. Although …

actividades creativas infantiles para el Dia de San Patricio Games for kids

5 Creative Kids Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

Cue all things green, rainbow, and lucky! St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural holiday that originated in Ireland. The special day is an opportunity to …

preguntas niños, porque Tips for parents

The Why Behind Why Kids Ask So Many Questions

In honor of International Ask a Question Day, we’re exploring a theme that is all too common for parents… kids’ never-ending questions!  While constant questions …

shapes for children Games for kids

7 Exciting Ways to Teach Children about Shapes

Shapes are all around us! They’re also one of the first topics that children learn about, along with numbers and colors. Memorization isn’t the only …

dia mundial del reciclaje New activities for kids

5 Fun Activities to Celebrate Global Recycling Day with Kids

March 18th is Global Recycling Day! Teaching our kids to take care of the planet is impactful, because one day, they will be the ones …

international women's day Inspiration

10 Women Role Models + Ideas for Sparking Kids’ Passions

March 8th is International Women’s Day! This global holiday brings attention to the Women’s Rights Movement and celebrates the many amazing contributions that girls and …

juegos nuevos y actividades niños Inside LingokidsNew activities for kids

From Unicorns and Self-Care to Freestyle and Instruments!

February at Lingokids was bursting with color and fun! This month sparked one-of-a-kind Playlearningâ„¢ adventures, from traveling the world on Cowy’s unicorn to creating topical …


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