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Boost Your Child’s Daily Routine with Lingokids!

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For most parents, it’s no secret that a daily routine is a magic ingredient for a good day! Daily routines help to create a calm environment by instilling stability and security. Kids need this type of predictability and structure in a world that is constantly changing and surprising them. No matter their age, a daily routine for kids is crucial. And Lingokids is here to help make the different parts of your child’s day fun, engaging, and full of learning opportunities! 

Setting up familiar, structured routines helps your child thrive. Here are just a few reasons why it’s important that kids have daily routines to count on:

  • Practice healthy habits – Routines help children get into the practice of brushing their teeth, cleaning themselves, preparing meals, etc. These skills will help them later on in life when they will eventually have to care for themselves.
  • Build confidence – Having chores and household norms helps kids develop a sense of responsibility and pride in their independence. 
  • Fosters positive relationships – Children will develop secure relationships with their caregivers because they can trust in the stability of their daily lives. 
  • Helps kids feel safe – Believe it or not, the predictability of a routine will help children cope during significant life events such as illness, divorce, death, etc. Children don’t have much control over where they go and what they do, but a predictable routine gives them some authority over their daily lives. 


Check out the content on our Lingokids Youtube channel and find our best songs to help structure your child’s day


Wake-Up Time 

Good morning! It’s important that kids start their day feeling prepared and refreshed. This song teaches children about getting ready in the morning before heading out for the day! 


Bathroom Routines 

From going to the toilet, washing hands, or taking a shower, there are many things for children to learn about a healthy bathroom routine! This playlist includes songs that help children go through all the steps required for the bathroom.



We all know that kids get a little “hangry” around lunchtime! That’s where we come in. This playlist features songs about food, cooking together, and cartoons that teach kids all about the different flavors and tastes. Make lunchtime fun with Playlearning music! 

Post-Lunch Slump 

From hangry to sleepy! The ‘Post-Lunch slump’ is real, and one of the best ways to get out of it is to have a little boogie around your house. Put on a dancing playlist, jump around, and help your child bring the energy back into their body!

Creativity Time 

Craft time is so essential for kids because it helps kids develop motor skills and also their sense of imagination. This supports them to become more thoughtful and considerate. For easy and quick craft time, check out our drawing videos that teach children how to create beautiful pictures with step-by-step instructions


Clean Up Time 

After getting messy with crafts and mealtimes, kids can help clean up the house! Make cleaning up a little more fun with music to sing and dance along to! Interested in turning clean-up time into a game? Check out this article with 8 clean-up games that will make your child smile as they sweep! 

Quiet and Bedtime 

It’s helpful for kids to have structured quiet time as part of their daily routine. Quiet time encourages self-reflection, promotes mindfulness, and helps children regulate heightened emotions before they nod off to sleep. 


Interactive Daily Routine Games and Lingokids 

The Lingokids app is full of games that teach children healthy habits like brushing teeth, getting dressed, washing hands, and more. Interested in Playlearning with us? Download the app and check out more content on our YouTube channels

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