summer survival guide for parents Tips for parents

The Ultimate Summer Survival Guide for Parents ☀️

School’s out, it’s time to play!    Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere, and that means days at the pool, vacations, and kids to …

kids regulate emotions Tips for parentsVideo

5 Tips to Help Children Regulate Their Emotions 🌋

Screaming. Crying. Hitting. Turning red. Throwing toys. We all know the signs of a tantrum brewing! Spotting a tantrum is easy, but knowing how to help …

benefits of kids doing yoga Tips for parentsVideo

Top 10 Benefits of Yoga for Kids

June 21 is International Yoga Day. It’s a great time to discover the many benefits of yoga for kids!     Although International Yoga Day …

KEEP READING Books for KidsTips for parents

Top Benefits of Reading Books to Kids

Reading books with children during their early years has many positive effects on their development. There are so many benefits of reading books to kids!  …

mother having talk with daughter Tips for parentsVideo

How to Have Difficult Conversations with Children

As parents, we want to protect our children from any pain. For this reason, it can be very difficult to know what to say when …

dad and son playing blocks Tips for parentsVideo

What Happens When Children Learn through Play?

May 28th is International Play Day!    Although it might seem trivial, playing isn’t all just fun and games. It is actually a very important …

young girl with laptop Tips for parentsVideo

Why You Should Teach Your Kid About the Internet and Technology

There’s so much more to the “World Wide Web” than just TikTok and Facebook! The internet is a constantly evolving treasure trove of knowledge, and …

boy with autism playing tablet Tips for parentsVideo

Best Learning Apps for Children on the Autism Spectrum

It’s an exciting time for technology and children on the autism spectrum! For this reason, researchers are studying how interactive apps and games can help …

self-care-ideas-for-mothers Tips for parentsVideo

Self-Care Ideas for Mothers and Caregivers

No matter how you define yourself – mother, caregiver, parent, grandma, etc… it’s important to recognize all the great work you’re doing in raising an …

teacher-appreciation-week Tips for parents

How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week All Year!

May 2nd – 6th is Teacher Appreciation Week in 2022!  It goes without saying that teachers work around the clock to make sure that younger …

Valentines-day-crafts-kids-1 Tips for parents

Top 6 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

As February 14th approaches, love is in the air—and so is learning! Observing Valentine’s Day can be an amazing experience for children, helping them to …

popcorn-rcipes-for-kids-1 Tips for parents

Celebrate Popcorn Day With These Fun Popcorn Recipes for Kids

What better reason to try out some fun popcorn recipes for kids than National Popcorn Day? This January 19th, get the whole family together to …

blue-monday-hug-day Tips for parents

The Bright Side Of Blue Monday: Hugging Day

Let’s be honest, Mondays aren’t all that fun. Getting the kids out of bed and ready for a new week can be like pulling teeth. …

new-years-resolutions-for-kids Tips for parents

New Year’s Resolutions For Kids: Planning For a Healthy and Happy 2022

Setting family goals for the new year is a great way to teach your little ones about the importance of long-term objectives and responsibility. All …

Christmas-activities-for-kids Games for kidsTips for parents

✂️ DIY: Christmas Crafts To Do At Home With Children 🎄

Christmas is a time that gives children hope, they enjoy it more than anyone else in the world. Playing with cousins, laughing with grandparents, and, …

miedos infantiles en halloween Tips for parents

👻 Boo! 4 Tips To Scare Away Your Child’s Halloween Fears

Facing childhood fears can actually help your child develop confidence Jessica (6), Tommy (2) and Lola (3) are usually very calm children, but suddenly, their …

Celebrate Halloween at Home InspirationTips for parents

8 Spooky and Fun Ideas To Celebrate Halloween At Home 🎃

Let’s celebrate Halloween 2021! This year, Halloween falls on a Sunday, meaning we get to celebrate an entire day of candies, costumes, movies, and more! …

back to school Tips for parents

Back to School: How to Make it Less Painful

   September is just around the corner and the days are starting to get shorter again as the sunset gets earlier and earlier. These …

Tips for parents

Lingokids as an Accessible Platform

Following our article about deaf awareness on the in-app Parents Community page, (check it out if you haven’t seen it already!) we wanted to explore …

child's language Tips for parents

Decoding Child’s Love Language

There’s nothing more important for a parent than their child feeling loved, accepted, and understood. Children, just like everyone else, like to experience and express …

Tips for homeschooling Tips for parents

5 Easy Tips for Homeschooling: Make the Best of it!

Homeschool is back in full swing, and it’s a new experience for parents and children alike! We know that parents are continuing to find fun …

Online educational gifts for kids InspirationTips for parents

This Holiday Season, Give The Gift Of Lingokids 💝

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are just around the corner and if you haven’t already started thinking about what gifts you want …

Politics For Kids Tips for parents

Politics For Kids: How To Talk To Your Child About Politics

Explaining politics to a child can seem daunting. Why is voting important? How does one person make a difference? These questions can be hard to …

free-online-summer-camp-activities-week-1_1 New FeaturesTips for parents

Cocka-Doodle-Doo: Who’s Ready for Week One of LingoCamp?

We’ve been busy putting up tents, preparing bonfires, and coming up with fun activities, which must mean one thing only – it’s time for LingoCamp …

impact-of-covid-on-education-1 Tips for parents

Impact Of Covid-19 On Education: Parents Are Using Learning Apps To Complement Their Kids’ Traditional Education??

With millions of children around the world learning at home due to COVID-19, online learning has become a very current topic in education in 2020. …

benefits-of-music-for-kids_1 Tips for parents

Benefits Of Music In Early Childhood For Learning New Languages 🎵

Music is everywhere! In fact, babies start taking in sounds and rhythms at about the same time they do with language itself. Toddlers love to …

lgbt-parenting-influencers-1 Tips for parents

🏳️‍🌈 LGBT+ Parenting: We love all our Lingokids families!

This month is Pride Month and we at Lingokids are sending our love to all the LGBT+ families who make up our big, happy, diverse …

girl-dancing-trimmed Tips for parents

Dance With Lingokids: Time to Boogie With Your Toddler!

Benefits Of A Lingokids Dance Party For Toddlers! What better activity for toddlers than putting on specially created music for kids? Your child can enjoy …

online-family-fun Games for kidsInspirationTips for parents

5 Fun Ideas To Spend Time With Your Kids Using The Internet!

  In honor of International Internet Day and International Family Day, we’re going to share how you can use the internet to spend time with …

Staying-Home-Guide-1 Games for kidsInspirationTips for parents

The Lingokids Essential Guide To Staying At Home!

Waking up to another day at home can be tough. Finding things to do with kids can be even tougher. You might feel like there’s …

bubbles-chant-1 Games for kidsTips for parents

Get the Best Out of the BUBBLES CHANT

We know that handwashing is one of the best ways to protect ourselves from Covid-19. It might seem really simple, but studies have shown that …

generation-alpha-1 Tips for parents

Growing Up With Technology: Parenting Generation Alpha

  Meet Generation Alpha: the first-ever group of kids who will grow up surrounded by technology. As the children of millennials, Alphas are those born …

benefits-of-audiobooks-for-kids Tips for parents

#WorldBookDay: How Audiobooks -also- Improve Children’s Development

With the World Book Day celebrations during April, here at Lingokids, we want to spread the word on how also audiobooks for kids help them …

Online-platforms-for-kids-at-home-1 Tips for parents

Fill Your Kids’ Day with These Amazing Online Resources to Enjoy at Home!

Finding things to do each day with kids can be a bit overwhelming, as they can quickly get bored! To help out, we have done …

daily-routine-with-lingokids-1 Games for kidsTips for parents

Keep up Your Daily Routine with Lingokids!

At Lingokids, we know how helpful having a daily routine can be! It will make sure things feel normal when kids can’t be at school …

best-movies-to-watch-with-kids-at-home-1 Tips for parents

Lingokids Recommends: Best Films to Watch with Kids at Home!

One of the best ways to while away the hours at home is to watch some excellent movies with kids! Movies are a great way …

how-to-explain-coronavirus-to-kids-1 Tips for parents

How To Explain Coronavirus To Kids: 5 Common Questions

Like us, your kids must have a bunch of questions about Coronavirus. This period is quite overwhelming and it can be hard to decide how …

Lingokids-survival-kit-1 Tips for parents

Closed Schools? Lingokids Is Here To Help!

  At Lingokids we’ve been putting our brain together to think of the best ways to cope with the school closure. We came up with …

KEEP READING Tips for parents

Kids At Home Because of School Closures? Educational Apps: the Best Option for Learning at Home!

School closures in many countries have forced children all around the world to stay at home. Educational apps are becoming the best allies for learning …

safery-internet-for-kids-1 Tips for parents

Parents and Internet Safety for Kids: A Lingokids Study

In an era driven by screen time, internet safety for kids is becoming increasingly important, especially on a day like Safer Internet Day! According to …

RA6VIB9 Tips for parents

Pizza Day: 6 Recipes for Making Pizza with Kids 🍕

It’s time to celebrate National Pizza Day! Making food with our little ones can be one of the best ways to create funny, memorable family …

Kids-and-technology-1 Tips for parents

Kids and Technology: The Role of Technology in Early Learning

What’s the relationship between kids and technology nowadays? Technology has expanded the limits of what is possible—and that includes your child’s learning. Thanks to technological …

bullying Tips for parents

ℹ️ Bullying: What Is It And How To Handle It

Going to school should be an exciting venture for a child. After all, it’s their first approach at having social interaction with other children of …

dyslexia Tips for parents

Dyslexia: What Is It And How To Treat It

Dyslexia is a condition that affects children’s ability to read and learn. Children with dyslexia have a hard time differentiating sounds and letters in words. …

educational-apps (1) Games for kidsTips for parents

7 Great Educational Apps For Kids In 2020

  Are your children eager to learn and acquire new life skills? Online resources and apps can be valuable tools in helping children through their …

families-that-play-together-stay-together Tips for parents

Families that play together stay together!

  As families, there are plenty of games we can play to spend quality time together. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in …

Christmas-activities-for-kids Tips for parents

Fun and Festive Christmas Activities for Kids

These family-friendly Christmas activities for kids provide the perfect way to spend some quality time with your little ones, all while getting into the festive …

gimme-gimme Tips for parents

Gimme Gimme!! Kids And Consumerism

There’s no sound quite like that of a toddler who wants something they’re not allowed to have. “Can I get a…Why can’t I have a…? …

how-to-raise-a-grateful-child Tips for parents

How To Raise A Grateful Child

We love grateful kids and the many ways they show their appreciation, but… can “giving thanks” also be taught? With every Thanksgiving, a topic on …

life working balance with kids (1) Tips for parents

Work-Life Balance: Tips for Working Parents & Families

November is National Career Development Month. While career development is obviously important, one of the biggest struggles of being a working parent is finding work-life …

21-century learning skills -Lingokids Tips for parents

Learn About the 4C’s- The 21st-Century Skills in Early Childhood

Find out how 21st-Century Skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity can nurture our children’s minds for the future. The 21st-Century Skills 21st-Century Skills …

1200x800_WeekendWithKids_Books Tips for parents

Early Literacy: Literacy Activities for Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Kindergarteners

One of the main parents’ concerns today has to do with early literacy: what can I do to stimulate my child’s literacy skills (the ability …

red socks blue socks suzanne 1 Tips for parents

Blue Socks? Red Socks? 🧦

Suzanne Barchers, EdD It’s a familiar story—everyone needs mom or dad’s attention, just when it’s time to get out the door for preschool, work, or …

1200x800_WeekendPlans_Animals Tips for parents

Animals for Kids: Why Respecting Animals Helps Kids of Today Become Better Adults of Tomorrow

Almost 40% of all the species of animals on the planet are endangered. 80% of the world’s cats and dogs are stray or neglected. The …

shutterstock_1414416203-min Tips for parents

It’s Not About Screen Time – It’s About Family Time!

All screen time is not created equal. Many of us probably grew up with our own parents limiting our time watching television or even using …

KEEP READING InspirationTips for parents

Climate Crisis: 7 Simple Things Parents and Kids Can Do to Help Slow Down Global Heating

From the 20th to the 27th of September, people from all over the world will be joining the strikes and marches against climate change. Public …

summer entertainment Games for kidsTips for parents

The Best Ways To Entertain Your Children During Holidays

Looking after the children during the holidays can become a real head-scratcher for parents. The youngest members of the household finish school, but normally parents …

summer camp for kids Tips for parents

4 Reasons To Send Your Children to Summer Camp

Summer is here! Children have finished school, received their grades, and are now thinking about summer. A time of year to relax and disconnect from …

family holidays Games for kidsTips for parents

How to Entertain Your Child During the Holidays

What do We Need to Remember When the School Holidays Start? What to do during the school holidays. It’s the big question parents have when …

gifted children Tips for parents

Is Your Child Gifted?

Do you think your child learns very fast? Do you think your child is very intelligent but gets bored in class? It could be that …

mind games Games for kidsTips for parents

Mind Games for Children

For many children, one of the main reasons for low grades at school is a short attention span. You might find that if your children …

boys gift ideas Tips for parents

Not Sure What to Buy? Gift Ideas for Children 🎁

When it comes to finding the right gifts for children, it can start to become complicated. What are presents recommended? Are video games too aggressive? …

lullaby for babies Tips for parents

Your Baby Will Fall Asleep In No Time With These Lullabies

Regardless of the time of year, the moment during the day, or the place you are in, music, whether we like it or not, has …

learn at home Tips for parents

Learn English at Home: Online Classes for Kids

If your child is under 8 years of age, then it’s the best moment for him or her to learn a new language, and even …

activities sick day Games for kidsTips for parents

Activities for Children to Have Fun at Home When They Are Sick

As parents, we know that children will get sick from time to time. In most cases, we know how to prepare a small medical kit …

relaxing music for kids Tips for parents

Let’s Hit Play! Relax Your Children with Music

On occasions, our sons and daughters are so full of energy that they don’t know how to stop. Sports and physical activity, in general, can …

internet videos Tips for parents

Watch These Videos With Your Children

These days, children’s videos on the internet are a bigger hit than any program on the television. It is now inevitable for parents, no longer …

artistic capabilities Tips for parents

Improve Your Children’s Artistic Capabilities With These Drawings

Who doesn’t like drawings for children? Drawing can entertain immensely both children and adults, which makes it a great family activity. It doesn’t matter if …

arts and crafts Games for kidsTips for parents

Arts and Crafts for Children

Arts and crafts for children are one of those activities that are not only fun and entertaining but also educational and help to stimulate both …

English through their senses Tips for parents

How to Teach English to Children Through Their Senses

Children usually enjoy learning English much more when they can interact with the objects they are being taught about. Preschoolers are kinesthetic learners. That’s why …

english conversation for kids Tips for parents

How to Encourage English Conversation for Kids

Every child starts speaking a language at a different time. It all depends on how shy or afraid of making a mistake they are. What …

Reading English words Tips for parents

5 Activities to Encourage Reading English Words for Kids

Learning to read can be a daunting task for young children, especially in a language different from the native. As a parent, you can help …

songs for kids Tips for parents

We All Remember These! The Best Kids’ Songs

Children’s Songs And Children, A Guaranteed Hit! Who doesn’t like children’s songs? When we think of children’s songs, there are a few that always come …

best movies for kids Tips for parents

7 Best Kids’ Movies to Watch at Home

Children’s films as educational tools As with fables and children’s stories, children’s movies are an excellent tool for educating them. They can be very useful …

DIY-Great-Ideas-And-Designs-For-Notebooks Tips for parents

✂️ DIY: Great Ideas And Designs For Notebooks

As soon as the new school year starts, children have so many mixed feelings to deal with! Soon they’ll see their friends again, they’ll start …

short stories for kids Books for KidsInspirationTips for parents

Best Short Stories for Kids

What Benefits Will Short Stories Bring To Your Children? Fables never get old, with their charm and the fun that they bring, to their countless …

science experiments for kids Tips for parents

10 Experiments to Get Your Children Interested in Science

How Do You Get Young Children Interested In Science? Science experiments for children are an excellent way to get the younger ones involved in the …

toys ideas for Babies Tips for parents

Children’s Toy Ideas

Children love to play, run, and have fun, it is all part of their growing up and their development, so it is up to us …

extracurricular-activities Tips for parents

Best Extracurricular Activities for Kids

Children face very important changes once their school life starts. They have less time on their hands for playing, more responsibilities, and a blooming social …

what-are-emotions Tips for parents

Emotions and Feelings in Children

Even though their meanings are commonly interchanged, emotions and feelings are not quite the same. Emotions are physiological states and they come from the subconscious, …

painting-for-kids Tips for parents

Painting for Kids

Painting is more than just mixing colors and applying brushstrokes into an empty canvas. Painting is a form of expression, where the person who’s creating …

kids-room-organization Tips for parents

Keeping the Kids’ Rooms Organized

Keeping the house tidy and organized seems like every family’s dream, but it can easily become also a reality. To be organized is a skill …

car journey with kids Tips for parents

Car Journeys with Children? Don’t Panic!

When planning a medium to long-distance car journey with young children, it is likely that the alarm bells start ringing for mum and dad. These …

coloring books Books for KidsInspirationTips for parents

Coloring Books, a Classic You Can Never Go Wrong With

Making sure our children are entertained when they are at home it’s hard. Something that anyone with children can agree on. That’s why, on many …

raising a bilingual family Tips for parents

6 Tips for Raising a Bilingual Family in the New Year

The holidays are the perfect time to start thinking about setting some goals for the upcoming year. Parents who wish to raise bilingual kids can …

live educational tech Tips for parents

Live Video as Educational Technology

Today is well known that children love watching videos on different channels, both for entertainment and online learning, and their thirst for media continues to …

opinions lingokids Tips for parents

Lingokids’ Opinions and Reviews

Learning a language, especially a second one, can make a significant difference in a child’s life. It’s a skill that requires lots of work and …

English through stories Tips for parents

Learn English through stories

There’s no doubt that children love watching cartoons on TV and playing with them on learning apps, they transcend cultures and children easily recognize some …

best fall books Books for KidsTips for parents

8 Best Fall Books for Kids to learn English

Autumn is upon us, which means cozy sweaters, early sunsets, colorful leaves, and snuggling up with a good book. Even if your children are toddlers …


Fun activities for learning Prepositions in english

English prepositions can be a tricky topic for kids to learn. You must involve them in the process of learning with games and activities and …

clean your room Games for kidsTips for parents

Turn Room Cleaning Into Fun and Games For Your Child

There are only so many personal skills we want to teach our children while they are young. Certainly one of the most important ones is …

motivate with back to school songs Tips for parents

Motivate Your Kids With Back to School Songs!

Summer is almost over and the idea of going back to school can be quite sad for some children. Leaving home, being in a new …


Tips to Teach English to Kids with Songs!

One way to make English learning fun for kids is to introduce English through different media. Song is an excellent way for kids (as well …

fun games to teach personal hygiene Tips & tricksTips for parents

Fun games to teach kids personal hygiene

Kids should be taught about personal hygiene at their youngest age? There is a Czech proverb that says: ”Cleanliness is half your health”. Well, let’s …