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Lingokids as an Accessible Platform

Following our article about deaf awareness on the in-app Parents Community page, (check it out if you haven’t seen it already!) we wanted to explore our options as to how we can make the Lingokids app more accessible for our Lingofamilies!

The Three Rs

Rhyme, rhythm and repetition are key aspects of learning for all children, but for deaf children in particular these are extra important. Practicing rhyme and rhythm through singing is a really fun way of recognizing speech patterns and intonation, as well as pitch and volume control. Repetition out loud is also super important for deaf kids in order to aid processing and retention of speech sounds and language patterns. The Lingokids app focuses on rhyme, rhythm, and repetition across all of our songs and games, and our recently played feature in the kids area allows your little ones to replay their favorite songs and games however many times they like!  



Currently on our app, we have subtitles on all our songs, so not only are the animations great for visual stimulation but they can also be followed along with or without hearing. This means that deaf children old enough to read can still interact with the app, or children of deaf parents can do the same as their parents can sign along to the subtitles. A great way to expand vocabulary whilst sharing valuable family time together!

Check out the Lincoln-Shaws on Instagram and see Tim, Darren, and their adorable son Leo playing on the Lingokids app!



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Intuitive Navigation

Although our games are currently not subtitled, their value lies within their visual cues rather than aural instructions. As you play the games, you automatically unlock new learning units, and the kid-friendly navigation means kids can play on the app independently, without distraction by ads. The app’s interface is super intuitive, with animations which demonstrate how to play the games and where to click to progress to the next topics. It also has animated sticker books for each unit which functions as a fun reward system as your little ones progress through the learning units.



Best Lingokids Games for Deaf Kids

Here are some examples! Why not check out:


Boat Navigation Fruit Game

This boat navigation game is a great one to play either independently, or with other family members! Not only does it cover a range of vocabulary, but the animated instructions make it really easy to use.



Seesaw Pets

This seesaw game is a great way of teaching your little ones not only the names of their favorite animals, but also some basic math! This is another great game with clear visual instructions, as well as repetition throughout the game which reinforces vocabulary learning.




Bubbles Chant

This fun chant for kids is great for the development of speech patterns due to its clear rhythm, rhyme and repetition! Why not try blowing bubbles with your little ones while playing this song – this helps build facial muscles necessary for linguistic development.



My English Teacher Videos

These videos are particularly useful for deaf children as they incorporate more facial cues, gestures and body language – if you don’t have time to play on the app with your little ones, put on one of these videos and let the Lingokids Teachers do it for you! 




Memory Card Games

Each of our units has memory card games which help reinforce retention of new vocabulary. Why not play the memory games together with your little ones and sign along to help consolidate their memory of things around them?





Lingokids ABC Chant

This fun chant is another great opportunity to use speech, signs and gestures with your little ones! Learn the alphabet and lots more, as this chant incorporates playtime into daily routine and improves auditory memory.




And there are plenty more where that came from! Check out our 600+ songs and games on the app to see them all here


Help us improve!

Here at Lingokids, we are committed to embracing diversity and inclusion, and it is really important to us that we reach as many little learners as possible! Our aim is to create a fun and modern learning experience for our little ones which is really visual and easy to use. We hope to have achieved this through the app’s intuitive interface, but we are aware that we can always learn from our users in order to adapt and improve. If you have any recommendations or suggestions as to how we might make the app more inclusive, we are more than happy to hear them! 

Contact us on social media, or leave a review in the app store (iOS and Android) – we’d love to hear your feedback and learn from your experiences!

In this article, we have referenced useful information on playtime tips with deaf children from the National Deaf Children’s Society – read more here

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