3 Ideas to Teach the Importance of Education

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International Day of Education is recognized every year on January 24. It aims to celebrate the importance of education and inspire everyone to invest in kids’ ability to learn. 

This year, the theme is “invest in people, prioritize education.” The day serves as the perfect time to reflect on your child’s future and the ways you can help them develop into curious, lifelong learners.

A lifelong learner is someone who continues to learn about the world and asks questions, long after graduating from school! A love for learning starts early, and there are lots of ways to teach your kiddos the importance of education—plus, you can join in on the adventures too!


1. Schedule a reading hour 📖

Children’s books are rich with opportunities for learning! They can teach life lessons like honesty, expose children to new vocabulary, or show them how to rhyme words! Browsing your local library or bookstore, you’ll find books that appeal to kids’ different interests and are well suited to multiple learning styles.

Does your child love music? Consider a book that has a musical theme or includes a website with audio resources to enhance the story. How about hands-on learning? There are books with pop-up illustrations or different textures for multisensory fun! 

A passion for reading can lead to a love of learning! Reading books with your child every week will help teach them about the importance of education.

Looking for more book recommendations for kids? Check out this article on read-aloud books for kids of all ages. 


2. Introduce cognitive development toys 🧸

Many children’s toys get kids’ brains buzzing by encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills. Building blocks or card-matching games are both fun and useful to your child’s cognitive development.

Alternatively, you can create your own games. Craft time is a great way to encourage your child to exercise their mind. 

For example, you can create a family portrait using fabric scraps, leaves, or just pieces of paper cut into different shapes. Kids can use markers to add color, and you can chat about the different choices they make for each person in your family.


3. Use educational learning apps 📱

Learning apps are becoming more dynamic and can be used practically anywhere. Instead of passive time spent on the screen, learning apps help kids build modern skills while playing! 

Apps can support children in learning a wide range of skills, from how to count or recite the alphabet to speaking a foreign language. Games-based formats are fun to play and give kids a sense of accomplishment as they learn, so learning becomes enjoyable!

Becoming a lifelong learner means that your child will be eager to discover new things and better able to seek answers to their questions. Plus, learning together with your child is a meaningful and fun way to bond. Happy International Day of Education!


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