8 Benefits of Doing Creative Arts with Kids

kid doing art

Crayons, watercolors, clay, markers—these are the building blocks of a creative child! Doing creative arts with kids does wonderful things for your children’s development.

Like a universal language, art is a form of communication that benefits kids of all ages. So, if you’re not excited about the clean-up after a finger painting session, remember that art has powerful benefits for children! 



Let’s explore the top 8 benefits of art for kids:

1. Problem-solving Skills 🔧

Like a mini Picasso, art motivates your child to express themselves. Both sides of the brain start working when imagination goes wild. Sources say that art helps children be more verbal, analytical, and detail-oriented. Artistic kids also use creativity and innovation to solve challenges later in life. Now that sounds like a win!


2. Self-esteem 🦸

When you think about it, each brush stroke or scribble is a child making a decision. You know, like the famous painter, Jackson Pollock, throwing buckets of paint on a canvas! Whether or not you plan to frame their art on the walls, children take pride in their creations. With consistency, self-expression can do powerful things for your little one’s confidence.


3. Stress Reduction 🧘🏽

Let’s be honest: art can be a form of therapy for both adults and children. Parents who encourage their kids to express themselves creatively are helping them build healthy habits to “de-stress” and find their happy place. Kids can turn uncomfortable emotions into positive ones thanks to the power of art.


4. Fine Motor Skills ✂️

Whether holding a paintbrush, cutting with scissors, or squeezing a glue bottle; art aids children in developing fine motor skills. That’s to say, your kids will become less clumsy while improving their hand-eye coordination. Experts even say that scribbling even prepares kids for writing!


5. Academic Performance 📚

You read that rightart can improve your children’s academic success! Statistics show that child artists have better school attendance, plus higher test scores and a stronger memory. In the long run, this means that creative children are 4x more likely to be recognized for their achievements!


6. Language Development 💬

Some parents may be wondering how art boosts language development. Well, when a child feels proud of something they’ve made, they’ll talk about it. Even if they struggle, expressing themselves will expand their vocabulary. When given direction, art can also assist children in improving comprehension and reading skills.


7. Emotional Wellbeing 💪

At the end of the day, art makes kids feel good about themselves. For some children who may struggle with anxiety or depression, creative expression may give them purpose. While art can be a form of meditation or daily ritual, it can also become a lifelong passion. So, who knows, maybe your child will be the next Salvador Dali! 


8. Community Building 🔗

Art is a perfect solo hobby for children. However, art also promotes bonding between other young creative geniuses. Gather children around a canvas and they’ll certainly start talking. When kids share or take turns using the supplies, art supports learning cooperative behavior and social skills.


Creativity, Art, and Lingokids 💙

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