The Ultimate Summer Survival Guide for Parents ☀️

summer survival guide for parents

School’s out, it’s time to play! 


Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere, and that means days at the pool, vacations, and kids to entertain all summer! During the summer holiday season, parents juggle their work schedule along with keeping their kids entertained and engaged around the clock! 


It is difficult for anyone to manage kids’ summer plans and that’s where we come in! We’ve created a Summer Survival Guide by age (early learners 2-3, developing learners 4-6, and older learners 7-8) for parents and families with tips, activities, and ideas for:

    • Summer routines and mealtimes 🍇
    • Traveling with kids 🚗
    • Exciting summer activities 🏝️
    • Beach days 🌊
    • Camping with kids 🏕️
    • Educational content 📚


What’s the Survival Guide All About? 🌴

Many parents and teachers worry about the “learning slide” that happens when children are away from school on summer break. On one hand, children should have the summer months to rest and recharge, while on the other hand, it is important that kids continue learning throughout the whole year. This handbook for parents offers engaging offline activities, like hands-on science projects, that are fun for kids and also support learning! 


The Lingokids App is a great way to blend play and learning with activities that are both fun and educational. The Summer Survival Guide, a downloadable and interactive PDF, includes links to summer-related activities that keep kids practicing literacy and 21st-century skills. 


Does your little one want to spend the summer with their favorite Lingokids character? You’re in luck! Check out our eBooklets that include onscreen games and offline activities with Billy, Cowy, Lisa, Baby Bot, and Elliot! 


Parents, what do you think? ⛱️

Let us know if the Summer Survival Guide is helpful and which were your little one’s favorite activities. Tag us on social media! Want to learn more about the Lingokids? Check out our YouTube Channels and download the App!

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