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Kids At Home Because of School Closures? Educational Apps: the Best Option for Learning at Home!

School closures in many countries have forced children all around the world to stay at home. Educational apps are becoming the best allies for learning and having fun at the same time!


Educational Apps For Kids At Home

With so many school closures, having children and adults both at home may not be so easy-peasy. How can we keep kids entertained whilst still learning? How can we prevent the occasional (or frequent) “I’m bored”?

Besides traditional and offline activities, such as coloring, reading, watching movies, or telling stories, the answer is educational apps. They will become your greatest allies helping you to prevent your kids from going outside and mingling with other people.

You probably already know that, on top of learning and reinforcing what they’ve already studied at school, educational apps are a great way for kids to discover new topics while they play and have fun. Especially the littlest ones, who probably don’t have any school homework, will have a blast with this apps.

Benefits Of Educational Apps When Children Can’t Go To School

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How can you control your children’s screen-time and the content they’re consuming? It’s not an easy thing to do, right? For sure, it’s always important for them to be reasonable, use apps that provide high-quality content, and not leave them alone all the time with electronic devices.

These are some of the perks of educational apps:

  • Children have fun while using educational apps.
  • Educational apps foster children’s autonomy. They can play on their own and try to master the challenges.
  • Educational apps encourage kids to be more motivated.
  • Educational apps reinforce knowledge and they help children learn new things that they haven’t even learnt at school yet.
  • Educational apps improve kids’ cognitive and specific skills (Languages, Maths…)

As you can see, these apps can make our lives much easier, especially in times of the Coronavirus.

But keep in mind that, although you are stuck at home, a good thing to do is to balance the time you and your kids are learning or working, and the time you are resting. Your heads will clear up and you can do other activities, like talking to each other about the tasks you’re doing (in an easy way) or how you’re feeling about being home.

How To Choose The Best Educational Apps For Your Children?

There is a myriad of educational apps available that kids at home can use, but not all of them are appropriate. Here are some tips to help you choose the best and only the best:

They should be adequate for both their age and level of education, as well as being an intellectual challenge for them. This challenge must be achievable but not too easy, or they may lose interest.

They should be interesting for your kids. Adults don’t like to be told which apps they have to use or like, right? Kids don’t usually like it either! Try to choose topics on the app that are interesting and fun for your little ones. That’s a good way to learn topics and subjects they are not really into.

If the app can be used to learn more than one thing at the same time, then it’s a win-win! If they are learning English, for instance, they can also learn Maths in the same language.

Lingokids, Your Best Ally


You probably already know that our playlearning™ method is our motto: the more children have fun, the more they’ll learn. And if your children are homeschooled, then that’s the perfect equation!

Not only will they learn English, but also 21st-century skills (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity), values, and common things as important as recycling or cleaning their little teeth (thanks to our catchy ABC Chant). And you can even mix online and offline activities by using our printables and flashcards!



Our recommendation? You can try our Play Together activities after a hard day of work. Enjoy the best family-time!


We all know that being stuck at home can maybe mess up important dates, like birthdays or planned trips. It’s not the same, but you can make the most out of it by learning new vocabulary! With our Pastry Game, you can cook delicious sweets, pies, and cakes while you sing our Birthday Song. And, if you want to learn more words related to the beach or nature, you can try our Rainforest Games or the Treasure Hunt Song. Let your imagination run free!

Do you know any tips or games to play at home with your kids? Let us know in the comments!

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