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6 Super Fun Group Games for Kids!

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Hosting the neighborhood kids for an afternoon? Putting together a party for your kiddos? Worried about how to entertain a group of wild rascals? We’ve got you. Check out these 6 engaging group games for kids and get ready to witness your kiddos having a blast and making memories! 


6 Group Games for Kids

1. Dance Off Battle Royale

It’s fancy footwork time! Let your kids choose their favorite tunes, unleash their creativity in crafting funky dance moves, and transform any open space into their personal stage. 

Have the children stand in a big circle. One at a time, each child will step into the center of the circle and perform their favorite dance move (shaking their hips, spinning in a circle, jumping up and down, etc.). Then, the rest of the group should repeat the dance move until the child in the center chooses the next kid to have a turn. 

No need to worry about perfect choreography—just let them shake their groove thing and have an absolutely fantastic time! 

dance game for kids


2. Epic Balloon Pop Challenge

Who’s up for some popping madness? Brace yourselves for the Epic Balloon Pop Challenge! This game demands speed, precision, and a whole lot of laughter. 

Inflate balloons and tie them to your kids’ ankles (yes, ankles!). Their mission? Pop as many balloons as possible while protecting their own. It’s a hilarious and action-packed game that will leave everyone rolling on the floor with laughter. 

balloon game for kids


3. Wacky Relay Races

Get those running shoes ready for some wacky relay races! 

Divide the kids into teams and set up a relay race course with crazy obstacles. From hopping like frogs and crawling like crabs to balancing objects on their heads, these challenges will put their skills to the test. 

The team that completes the relay first with the most style and laughter deserves the gold medal of silliness! It’s all about creating joyful memories and embracing their playful side.

relay race for kids


4. DIY Artsy Party

Unleash your child’s inner Picassos with a DIY Artsy Party! 

Gather some paint, brushes, and canvases, and let their imagination run wild. They can create colorful masterpieces, collaborate on group projects, or even try their hand at face painting! 

It’s the perfect opportunity for them to express their creativity, bond with their friends, and proudly display their fabulous artwork. 

art party for kids


5. Bubble Bonanza

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Prepare for a Bubble Bonanza that will surround your kids with shimmering spheres of joy! 

Set up bubble stations with different bubble wands and solutions. Let them compete to blow the biggest bubble, catch the most bubbles, or create the wildest bubble shapes. 

It’s a bubbly extravaganza that guarantees smiles, giggles, and a lot of bubble-popping fun. 

bubbles for kids


6. Hilarious Mime Showdown

Prepare for a laughter-filled Mime Showdown where your kids become masters of non-verbal communication! 

Have them split into pairs and take turns being the mime and the guesser. The mime has to act out a random word or phrase using only gestures, facial expressions, and body movements while the guesser tries to figure it out. 

kids acting game


Get ready for wild and wacky interpretations that will leave everyone in fits of laughter. It’s a fantastic opportunity for your kids to showcase their creativity and comedic skills. The pair with the most successful guesses will be crowned the ultimate mime champions!

Remember, the most important thing about games for children is to foster joyful moments that will bring smiles to their faces. Get ready to witness laughter, bonding, and the creation of lifelong memories through these fantastic activities. Let the good times roll! 


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