5 Fun (and Educational) Games to Play with Kids Ages 4-6

games for kids ages 4-6

Playtime is so important for children! When children play, they get to have fun while also discovering opportunities to learn and develop new skills. If you’re looking for creative and original games to play with your kids ages 4-6, we’ve got you covered. 


5 ideas for games to play with kids (ages 4-6)

Whether you’re looking for new activities for a rainy day or want to add more color to your child’s playtime, these activities are entertaining, educational, and perfect for bonding! 


1. Alphabet treasure hunt

Turn learning the ABCs into a thrilling treasure hunt! 

Download this free printable of the ABCs to use for your alphabet treasure hunt! All you have to do is: print, cut, and hide the cards around your home! 

Hide letter cards or objects around your home or backyard, and give your child clues to find them. For example, “Look for the letter C under something you sit on.” 

This game encourages letter recognition, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Plus, it’s a great way to get kids moving and exploring while learning the alphabet.


To add a bit more fun to the treasure hunt, play the “ABC Train Song!”


2. Story chain

Spark your child’s imagination with a story chain game. 

Start by saying a sentence to begin a story, such as “Once upon a time, there was a curious cat named Lisa.” Then, have your child continue the story with their own sentence. 

Take turns adding to the story, and see where your imaginations take you! This game promotes creativity, storytelling skills, and language development as kids learn to create cohesive narratives.


story chain game for kids


3. Build-a-word

Get hands-on with language skills by playing build-a-word. 

Use letter cards or magnetic letters to create a word, and then have your child rearrange the letters to make new words. For example, start with the word “cat,” and let your child rearrange the letters to make “act,” “at,” “cat,” and “tac.” 

This game helps with letter recognition, phonics, and vocabulary development, and it’s a fun way to reinforce early literacy skills.


build a word game for kids


4. Nature bingo

Explore the great outdoors with a game of Nature Bingo! 

Create bingo cards with pictures or words of everyday objects in nature, such as a flower, a bird, a rock, or a butterfly. 

Head to a park or a nature trail and encourage your child to mark off the items on their bingo card as they spot them. The first one to get a complete row or column checked off wins! 

This game encourages observation skills, an appreciation for nature, and helps kids develop vocabulary related to the environment.


nature bingo game for kids


5. Make-a-recipe

Combine cooking and learning in a tasty game of make-a-recipe. 

Choose a simple recipe, such as fruit salad or a sandwich, and let your child be the top chef. Give them step-by-step instructions, including measuring ingredients, cutting fruits, and assembling the dish. 

This game promotes fine motor skills, following instructions, and introduces basic cooking concepts. Plus, who knows… maybe they’ll come up with a really delicious meal! 


recipe game for kids


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