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From Coding to Collaboration: Our Top STEM Activities

STEM is a term that we hear a lot of these days, especially for those of us families who have kids in school. But what …

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✂️ DIY: Christmas Crafts To Do At Home With Children 🎄

Christmas is a time that gives children hope, they enjoy it more than anyone else in the world. Playing with cousins, laughing with grandparents, and, …

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5 ABC Activities To Learn the Alphabet With Lingokids

When it comes to reading, writing, and speaking, we know one thing for sure: None of these skills are possible without first learning the alphabet. …

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How To Make The Most Out Of Our Online Summer Camp: LINGOCAMP! ⛺☀️

The summer months can seem endless. With longer days, a lack of routine, and the end of wider school community support, everything can seem a …

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5 Fun Ideas To Spend Time With Your Kids Using The Internet!

  In honor of International Internet Day and International Family Day, we’re going to share how you can use the internet to spend time with …

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The Lingokids Essential Guide To Staying At Home!

Waking up to another day at home can be tough. Finding things to do with kids can be even tougher. You might feel like there’s …

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Get the Best Out of the BUBBLES CHANT

We know that handwashing is one of the best ways to protect ourselves from Covid-19. It might seem really simple, but studies have shown that …

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Indoor Activities for Kids: Games to Play at Home

It’s a “stay at home” kind of day. Maybe the weather isn’t on your side, or the little one isn’t feeling well. Whether it’s the …

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DIY Homemade Bubbles: Have A Fun Time Making Bubbles!

Fun times are a must for every child. Not everything a child does has to involve learning, sometimes is also good to just relax and …

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7 Great Educational Apps For Kids In 2020

  Are your children eager to learn and acquire new life skills? Online resources and apps can be valuable tools in helping children through their …

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Practicing at Home: Hello Song

The Lingokids app is full of fun ways to practice English with your child. Has your child learned to introduce themselves? It’s a simple as…hello, …

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The Best Ways To Entertain Your Children During Holidays

Looking after the children during the holidays can become a real head-scratcher for parents. The youngest members of the household finish school, but normally parents …

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How to Entertain Your Child During the Holidays

What do We Need to Remember When the School Holidays Start? What to do during the school holidays. It’s the big question parents have when …

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4 Fun Car Games for Kids

Traveling to your summer vacation destination doesn’t have to be annoying and boring at all. Instead, you can turn it into an opportunity for learning …

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Mind Games for Children

For many children, one of the main reasons for low grades at school is a short attention span. You might find that if your children …

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Activities for Children to Have Fun at Home When They Are Sick

As parents, we know that children will get sick from time to time. In most cases, we know how to prepare a small medical kit …

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Games to Stimulate Children’s Cognitive Development

How can I help my children to learn things more easily? Many parents aim to aid the development of their children’s intellectual skills via games …

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Games for Children to Improve Their Memory

Memory, as with almost everything, is a skill that we can both improve and use throughout our whole lives. However, it’s also true that this …

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If You Can’t Go to the Park, Play at Home!

The weather isn’t on your side and you have to stay at home! Maybe the little one is a bit poorly. If it is because …

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Games 3-Year-Olds Will Love

Three years old is a transitional stage for children. It is approximately the time when they are no longer babies and they start to become …

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Preschool, a Special Time!

Activities for children during their preschool years are so important in their development. This age, in general, is an incredibly wonderful time for children. These …

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Games and Apps to Play With Your Child

Educational children’s games have all the benefits that you can imagine with their name, but not only do they entertain your children (and adults!), they …

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Arts and Crafts for Children

Arts and crafts for children are one of those activities that are not only fun and entertaining but also educational and help to stimulate both …

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Best Traditional Games for Children

It is obvious that it is increasingly harder for traditional children’s games to compete against the ever-growing invasion of screens around the house that grab …

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10 Reasons That A Puzzle Is The Best Gift

Puzzle Mania is a hobby that spreads far and wide, much more than it seems. Puzzles for children, as well as puzzles for adults, can …

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Try These Online Games With Your Child

The world of computer games keeps growing and growing, including video games for children. It is becoming more and more common to find that children …

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The Best Board Games to Play to Bond With Your Kids

Board games are very fashionable at the moment. You have undoubtedly noticed that more and more people are taking to this hobby that is not …

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Kids Learning Games

Why Are Educational Toys So Important? Educational toys for children are the ones that generally create the most uncertainty amongst parents. At what age is …

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Group Games for Children

What child doesn’t like to play? This is something all children love, they like to have fun and spend hours and hours playing. When they …

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Games for Preschool Children

It is not always easy to motivate children to improve and enhance certain skills. In a society where technology has taken over, it is not …

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Traditional Children’s Games to Play at Home

Rainy day at the weekend? Having children and trying to find things to do during a rainy day at home doesn’t have to be difficult, …

clean your room ENGames for kidspll_5ebdc17d69e8aTips for parents

Turn Room Cleaning Into Fun and Games For Your Child

There are only so many personal skills we want to teach our children while they are young. Certainly one of the most important ones is …

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Games for Kids: Hide and Seek & Simon Says

No matter if it’s summer or winter, if you want to make your child eat their soup or the daily portion of veggies or if …

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4 Best Activities for Kids to Play on the Beach

Recently we were talking about ESL games and activities to keep your children entertained when traveling while also picking up a new language. This time …