Preposition Activities for Kids That Make Learning Fun

prepositions for kids

Grammar… but make it fun! 

Did you know that children unconsciously begin using prepositions around 24-36 months? As kids develop, they slowly accumulate more prepositions into their vocabulary… well before properly learning about them in school. 

Prepositions are important in English because they tell us practical information about direction, time, location, and spatial relationships. Without prepositions, children couldn’t learn how to put away their things (toys under the bed), understand road safety (walk on the sidewalk), or even use the potty (pee in the toilet).  

If we didn’t have prepositions, life would be messy, confusing, and disorganized! 

Don’t worry… grammar doesn’t have to be all about memorization and tedious workbooks. Check out these fun activities to teach prepositions to children. When children learn through play, learning is fun!


1. Preposition Musical Scavenger Hunt


The prepositions covered in this song are: through, over, across, and between


  1. Practice the 4 different prepositions before listening to the “Dragon Hunt” song. Come up with an action move for each prepositional phrase that appears in the song: swim through, climb over, skate across, step between
  2. Rehearse acting out each move so that your child will be able to do them when the song is playing. 
  3. Have your child sit on the floor, then play the song. 
  4. Stand up and do the action moves each time you hear one of the prepositional phrases in the song! 


2. Action Charades

preposition charades for kids


There’s nothing like a family time game that incorporates a little learning fun! Charades is a great game to play with 3-6 people, and it helps reinforce vocabulary for all types of learners. 



  1. Print this free Prepositions Handout.
  2. Cut along the dotted lines so that you have 9 preposition cards.
  3. Create an action for each preposition and practice them with your child until they feel confident doing each move. It’s helpful to use your hands to act out the preposition, but it’s also fun to use your whole body. 
  4. Place all the prepositions in a bowl.
  5. Take turns pulling a card from the bowl and acting out the action for the rest of the family to guess. 
  6. Whoever guesses correctly gets to have the next turn! 


3. Where’s the Toy? 

where's the toy game


This game helps children visualize how prepositions work in real-time. 



  1. Ask your child to pick out their favorite toy to help play the game. 
  2. Sit at the table and have a few “props” nearby. Props might include a big bowl, two books, a chair, etc. 
  3. Have your child pick a preposition card and mimic the action with their toy. For example, if they choose “over,” have them hold the toy over the table. If they choose “in,” have them put the toy in the bowl. 
  4. Repeat over and over, looking for fun new combinations for how they can use prepositions with their favorite toy.


4. Listen to a Podcast

prepositions podcast


Podcasts for kids are another great way to practice prepositions! You can listen while driving or even while cleaning up the house. 

In this episode of the Lingokids Music to Our Ears podcast, kids can go on an adventure in a submarine to learn more about prepositions of place!


Prepositions Activities for Kids and Lingokids

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