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How to Teach Children about the Internet and Technology

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There’s so much more to the “World Wide Web” than just TikTok and Facebook! The internet is a constantly evolving treasure trove of knowledge, and it can play an essential part in our children’s development. Each family must set up screen time rules according to their own practices, but it is beneficial to teach your kid about the internet and technology. This way, kids can be prepared when it is time to navigate the online world on their own!


Modern Academic and Life Skills

Modern academic and life skills refer to the knowledge, habits, characteristics, and practices that are crucial for success in our academic, professional, and social lives.  

When children practice these 21st-century skills by safely exploring technology and online tools, they are better prepared for the modern world. No one expects a child to come to school ready to code and build websites from scratch, but the more a child understands how the internet works, the better they will be able to learn and adapt!  

Children begin using these skills as early as preschool! You can support your little one’s skills by helping them play puzzle games that require problem-solving and innovation.


Benefits of Being Tech-Savvy 

Studies show that people who are skilled in navigating technology are able to express themselves creatively. This trait also gives kids independence and confidence in their abilities to solve problems on their own and will help them in the school setting. 

Being tech-savvy will also open up many opportunities for this new generation of young people. It is helpful for kids to be sharp and adaptable in a world that is always changing and evolving towards more technology.

During your child’s allotted screen time, you can teach them about being tech-savvy. To do this, ask your little one to help you open and close apps, take and delete photos, apply updates, etc. Explain everything as you go. 

It’s amazing how quickly they learn! 


Awareness of Internet Safety


Humans are curious creatures, especially children. This is just one of the reasons why parents should be familiar with internet safety. This includes teaching children not to share private information online. 

It’s important to teach little ones about internet safety at a young age so that you can be there to monitor their online actions. This way, when they are older and using the internet on their own, they’ll have the tools they need to use it safely.


Here are additional tips to help your children make better and safer use of the internet:

  • Limit online time: Just like cake or chocolate, the internet can sometimes be too much of a good thing. An excess of screen time for kids means too much sitting down, which could eventually lead to health issues. Children also need time to play outside and interact with friends. Moderation is key, experts suggest limiting screen time to two hours per day. 


  • Create parental controls: You wouldn’t want your child wandering down an alleyway alone at 4 a.m., would you? Approach the internet the same way by setting up safe search controls and blocking certain websites. This way, the internet stays the fun and educational place you want it to be for your kids,


  • Demand transparency: Finally, it’s important to communicate openly and honestly with your kids. Make sure you know where they go and who they talk to on the internet, and explain that they should be just as careful about talking to strangers online as in the real world. Over time, this will create a sense of trust that both parents and children will cherish.


Technology and Lingokids

Another great way to teach children about the internet and technology is through Playlearning! This way, you know that the content and material your child interacts with is 100% safe, educational, and fun. Enjoy problem-solving these games together, or let your little one explore activities and innovate all on their own! 

Interested in learning more about Lingokids? Download the app and check out our YouTube Channels with additional activities on the Lingokids App! How do you teach your child about internet safety? Let us know by tagging us on our social media

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