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Preschool, a Special Time!

Activities for children during their preschool years are so important in their development. This age, in general, is an incredibly wonderful time for children.

These are years full of learning, growing, discovering… on each and every level. As the year’s pass, we tend to forget many of the details but we will always remember the preschool years as a time of great enjoyment. It is very unlikely that you will not look back at this time with fond memories and that is how we know that this is such an important time for children.


Preschool, A Phase That Is So Important In The Development Of Young Children

During the preschool years, everything is starting to happen. During this time, children begin to developmentally and intellectually, they also begin to learn about the world around them and also about their own abilities. It is vitally important for parents to guide them during this phase by choosing the correct activities and games to play together.

As always, it is ideal if the child can choose their educational activities or their entertainment depending on their preferences. They know what they like, so if we try and force them to do what we think is best, it will not always work.

It is also important that the activities for children during preschool years have plenty of variety. The development in children of this age is both individually and collectively (children discover about themselves and also about their abilities to interact within a group), which is why a wide-ranging variety of activities for their entertainment and for their education is so important during this time.


The Best Activities For Children During Their Preschool Years, Fun And Educational, All In One

The activities and games that we choose to depend upon each child, of course, but they should have the same things in common, they should stimulate both physically and mentally. Below, we have listed a selection of different games and educational activities that your children are sure to love:


Stories Based On Everyday Objects

The idea is quite simple, find from around the house various everyday objects (toys, food, anything!) and put them on a table. Together with your children, come up with stories that include these objects. They can be part of the scenery, they could be the main characters…Anything goes! The best thing about this game is that it can be played alone or as part of a group. It’s fun and requires lots of imagination.


Games When Food Shopping

Here the possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination (and that of your children). We can ask them to name all the different items we collect, what they are used for etc… Once at home, we could also get them to classify the different products, fruits, vegetables, cleaning products…

Not only will we be improving their vocabulary, but also familiarising them with this activity that will always be a part of their lives. Also, they will be introduced to housework even though it is being presented as a game.


Create Artwork For Picture Frames Or Stories From Cut-Outs

This is another way to stimulate their imagination and is another game that you can both enjoy together. From magazines or newspapers, ask them to cut out animals or faces and then stick them onto paper. Be creative with how you stick them together and try to come up with a story from your creation, or you could even place them into a picture frame.


Learn The Alphabet With Cards, Drawings And Songs!

Create a stack of cards using all the letters of the alphabet. On one side of the card, use a letter and on the other side of the card something that begins with that letter. For example, the letter C on one side, and a Car on the other side. Children will begin to familiarise themselves with the alphabet and will also learn new vocabulary. The cards can also be used for many different types of guessing games or memory games…

But don’t forget the power of music! Our ABC Chant has already helped many toddlers around the world learn the English alphabet!


Where does the animal live?

It is no secret that children love animals so we can use this to teach new vocabulary and increase their knowledge of the world. As with the previous game, we can create a stack of cards with different animals and the places where they live (a frog in a river, a cow in a field, a deer in the woods, etc), and come up with games to find the connections.


As you can see, the list of activities for preschool children could be infinite. It is about trying to find the correct balance between playing and learning that maximizes their development and guides them through the magical years that are the preschool years!

As we said at the beginning, the best advice is to find games that are based on the interests of each individual child. If you can achieve this, then any games that you come up with will be a guaranteed success.

These five activities are only a few examples to help give you the inspiration to come up with your own ideas or to continue searching on the internet, from books, etc. So what are you waiting for? Get to work and don’t forget to tell us about your ideas!


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