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7 Exciting Ways to Teach Children about Shapes

shapes for children

Shapes are all around us! They’re also one of the first topics that children learn about, along with numbers and colors. Memorization isn’t the only way to learn new information… there are many exciting activities that teach children about shapes! 

Learning their shapes helps strengthen children’s cognitive development and also supports them in school subjects like math, science, and art.



7 Activities for teaching shapes

1. Bake Cookies

Let’s face it—kids absolutely love getting messy in the kitchen! 


  1. Use a rolling pin to roll out cold sugar cookie dough (store-bought or homemade). Can your child make one large oval? 
  2. Then, use cookie cutters to create different cookie shapes. 
  3. As you cut out the cookie dough into different shapes, make sure you are saying the shape’s name together. 
  4. After your cookies have finished baking… decorate them with frosting and sprinkles! 


Your child will love learning while making sweets, plus this tasty memory may help them remember the names of the shapes they eat!


cookie cutter activity for kids


2. Shape Sort

Kids learn best when learning is fun. This game combines shapes with a delightful sorting puzzle. 


  1. Make big shapes on the carpet with duct tape (circle, square, triangle, rectangle). 
  2. Find objects around the house that match your duct tape shapes (a photo, a coaster, a clock, etc.). Put all the objects together in a box. 
  3. Have your child choose an object from the box and sort each one into the corresponding shape on the floor.


shape sorting game


3. Fishing for shapes 

This fishing game requires a trip to your local craft store, but it will be worth all the fun that follows! 


  1. Cut out fish from colorful paper and draw different shapes on them. 
  2. Glue a magnet on each fish. 
  3. Tie a piece of string to a large stick. At the other end of the string, tie a magnet. 
  4. Place all the fish in a “pond” (hint: a blue blanket spread out on the floor makes for a magnificent pond). 
  5. Have your child use the fishing pole to catch fish from the pond. 
  6. When they catch a fish, encourage them to say the name of the shape drawn on its scales!


fishing game for kids


4. Dance Party 

Kinesthetic learners learn new information while moving their bodies! Play the Lingokids “Shapes Song” and dance around the room. 

Encourage your child to use a finger to draw each shape in the air when they hear it in the song.



5. Obstacle course

This game is another great activity for kinesthetic learners and younger children. 


  1. Cut out 5 large squares, 5 large circles, 5 large triangles, and 5 large diamonds. It’s helpful if each set of shapes is a different color.
  2. Mix up the shapes and tape them on the floor so that they lead from one side of the room to another. 
  3. Encourage your child to walk (or hop!) from the beginning to the end of the shape path, only stepping on a particular shape at a time! 


shape game for kids


6. Outdoor scavenger hunt

One of the best activities for children is spending time outside.

Take a walk through your neighborhood and try to find as many shapes as you can that are hidden in plain sight! Or, lay down on the ground and try to make out the different shapes in the clouds. 


shapes in the clouds


Shapes for children and Lingokids

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What are your favorite games to teach children about shapes? Let us know by commenting below! 

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