5 Fun Ideas To Spend Time With Your Kids Using The Internet!


In honor of International Internet Day and International Family Day, we’re going to share how you can use the internet to spend time with your kids while having fun and playlearning™!



There’s no denying how much we love the internet, especially in today’s times! It’s our trusted companion for online shopping, browsing through images of travel destinations, and binging our favorite TV shows.

But more importantly, the internet is a wonderful tool to communicate, learn, and bond with our family at home. It offers amazing benefits for childhood development and learning and helps kids develop essential skills.


The Internet’s Impact On Family Relationships And Education

Have you heard of Generation Alpha? This generation includes those born from 2010 onwards and is the first-ever group of kids to grow up surrounded by technology. This digital exposure at such an early age means that children are learning in new ways that are more focused on visual learning. It also means that there are many different ways parents can play, learn, and interact with their children using the internet!

By using the internet for family and school time, we can help our little ones develop essential 21st-century skills, like:

✔️ Critical thinking

✔️ Creativity

✔️ Communication

✔️ Collaboration


5 Tips To Make Online Time About Family Time

The positive impact of the internet on family relationships is obvious when we see how much fun it is to play and learn online with our kids. But don’t just take our word for it!

Try these awesome ideas at home with the entire family and enjoy the many benefits of online platforms:


1. Take A Virtual Cooking Class


If you love cooking with your kids, you already know how their faces light up when they’re asked to measure and pour the ingredients. Take advantage of the online resources out there to cook an array of recipes with your little ones.

Raddish Kids is just one of many options available online to get your kids in the kitchen and whipping up delicious dishes. This group is for children of all ages! It delivers monthly cooking kits to your home and gives you and your kids access to free online cooking classes.


2. Have A Dance Party

What better way to get your body moving and learn new words than with a family dance party? With Spotify, you can access an endless list of songs that are kid-friendly, educational, and super fun for everyone!

If you and your kids love Lingokids’ music, such as our ABC Chant and our Bubbles Chant, you can check out our Lingokids Spotify channel! You and your kids won’t ever want to stop boogying to these beats.



3. Listen To Podcasts and Audiobooks


We know reading is a very important skill – but so is listening! Listening to podcasts and audiobooks is a fun activity for the family to improve your children’s concentration and listening comprehension skills.

Check out the “Stories Podcast” for a fantastic collection of classic children’s stories. You can also listen to our very own Lingokids audiobooks for entertaining stories designed to help your child listen to and understand English.

Both podcasts and audiobooks are great options if you’re in need of a more relaxing online activity!


4. Learn Another Language

Another big advantage of the internet is that it’s now easier than ever before to learn a second language. Learning another language is an incredibly important skill for many reasons. In addition to helping kids develop better communication skills, it also increases creativity.

We at Lingokids are big fans of creativity… and learning another language!


5. Play Online Learning Games Together

E-learning games and apps are great at helping kids develop important skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, reading and writing, hand-eye coordination, and creativity. And playing alongside them makes the experience all the more fun and beneficial for both of you!

Not to toot our own horn, but Lingokids is a great example of an educational game that you and your kids can enjoy together!

Ask your kids questions about the game they’re playing to better engage them and cheer them on as they go. By playlearning™ four to five times a week for about 15 to 30 minutes at a time, your children will solidify the things they’re learning, while you watch them learn and laugh!

And who knows? There’s no telling what you might learn alongside your kids when you play online together!

For more ideas on different online platforms to use with your kids, click here!


Don’t Forget Internet Safety For Kids And Parents


Why is internet safety important? Taking the right steps to ensure online safety is key for our children to continue playing and learning online safely. This starts with having a good understanding of what internet safety for kids and parents means.

According to a recent survey we conducted, about 48.5% of parents said they have a good understanding of online safety for kids and that they practice it daily. That’s good, but we want all parents to feel confident and comfortable when their kids are using the internet!


3 Tips To Make Sure Your Children Use The Internet Safely:

  1. Educate yourself about internet safety for kids.
  2. Use screen time in moderation with other fun activities.
  3. Play online with your kids.

Learn more about how to keep your kids safe online, here!


❤️ Enjoy Quality Family Time With Lingokids!

Celebrate International Internet Day by playlearning™ together with the entire family and Lingokids!

We want our app to support families in making online time more about family time. That’s why we’ve created exciting new “play together” games that encourage fun, educational parent-child playlearning™. Enjoy endless fun with your little ones while they develop their skills in communication, collaboration, and strategic thinking.

Go to the Lingokids app to try our “play together” games now.

And if you don’t have Lingokids yet, download the app to enjoy access to fun games, activities, songs, and more!

Do you have more ideas on how to use the internet to learn and play with your family? Share with us on our social media channels how you and your kids spend time together online!

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