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Activities for Children to Have Fun at Home When They Are Sick

As parents, we know that children will get sick from time to time. In most cases, we know how to prepare a small medical kit at home to reduce fever, soothe a cough and even sore throat, but most of the times we forget how to entertain them at home while they have the flu, the despiteful virus or the discomfort that keeps them away from kindergarten, the outdoors or playmates.

To entertain, teach or amuse our children, we are used to taking the little ones to the park, getting together with other children or doing family activities outside of the home, but what do they do when they get bad? We not only have to load the disease, but also with their boredom, but we can change this.

Write down these tips, they will help you carry with your child’s discomfort while staying at home.


Tips To Make Their Illness As Bearable As Possible

No To Physical Activities

It is preferable to limit physical activities such as running, jumping, or hiding for another day. Shaking their heart rate and breathing will make them feel worse in a short time, and that is not the idea. It is true that it is difficult for little ones to not run and jump around everywhere, but when they are ill the best is to help them rest. This does not mean that by being sick they have to be bored, on the contrary, it is an opportunity to do other activities and other games that you do not do so often.

To quench your thirst to investigate or move around the house, we can play with games that involve little physical activity such as ‘I see or see’ or ‘Simon says’, review these games to have fun at home. It is also a good idea to read a book together or buy some coloring books.



Okay, it is true that children have to be restricted during the week, but if they are sick, it is not bad that you leave them with their favorite program while you rest. If you are worried that they only see cartoons, you can download educational programs on your PC and, for every two episodes of cartoons, they see an informative program.

Television brings us a multitude of possibilities, especially when we have the little one of the house sick and we can’t go to the park or go out with the bike. Everything in its proper measure is good and the children’s films and programs also serve to teach our children as well as to entertain them.



No matter how much TV you let them see, they will eventually get bored and look for other activities to do. A good idea is to have a table with recycled paper with which you can paint or make origami. The crafts will allow the little ones of the house to develop their creativity and they will be able to enjoy a fun and educational time that will help them to pass their illness in a more pleasant way. We can do many crafts, draw, origami, handicrafts with clay, and even take advantage to make crafts that help us decorate their room.


Table Games

If you do not have a simple puzzle, you can play classic games like entertainment, Hangman, Scrabble or Pictionary. These games bring a lot of imagination to the children and besides having fun they help us to spend some time with the family in which we can all have fun together.

Board games that we can even invent to have a great time. A simple deck of cards will allow us to have many options to enjoy an afternoon of games at home.



This alternative is very useful because it gives you two options: if you can’t read, you read a story; and if they can read, you lend them one and ask to draw a final picture.

It is a way to stimulate their imagination and make you spend an enjoyable afternoon. There are multiple options when choosing the best book for your child. We can choose a didactic book, a novel, or even a story that allows you to get into the role of its protagonists and live it to the fullest.

It is a great opportunity for our children to read, this will not only entertain them and keep them amused, but it will also help them to free their imagination and above all to learn. Reading is the best way to learn. Even reading simple books in English is the perfect opportunity for them to learn a new language.


Practice Languages

If your little one is not very tired or starts to recover it is time to practice with him/her languages. We can take advantage of technology and ‘play with apps’ in other languages, give them a list of simple words in English and make them draw below what the word is, move forward with your Lingokids content and activities, sing your favorite songs in English, review the body parts or the words to say their favorite foods in English or other languages…


Do you see that it is not so difficult? Do not worry, with these activities your children will not have a bad time while they heal at home. It is clear that we can’t prevent our children from getting sick from time to time, especially when the weather does not go along, but we can make the recovery time for them a fun time in which we can enjoy and learn things as a family.

From now on, colds will be less sad for your children, they will learn that being ill is not always boring.

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