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The Best Board Games to Play to Bond With Your Kids

Board games are very fashionable at the moment. You have undoubtedly noticed that more and more people are taking to this hobby that is not only fun but has a wide variety to pass time with friends whilst doing something different.

The recent craze for board games includes, of course, board games for children. The youngest members of the family can take part in this past time and will usually be overjoyed to be able to take part.


Board games, great past time for children

As with movies, books, and video games, not all board games are suitable for children, of course not. A lot of the games have rules and forms of playing that is not recommended for children. Having said that, the range of board games available specifically for children is considerable and is constantly growing.

As you can imagine, board games are not only fun, but they also contain important educational elements. This is one of those past times that you can learn from at the same time as enjoying yourself, without even noticing it. This applies to adults as well.


The Main Benefits Of Board Games For Children

They solidify the connexion between parents and children. With board games, parents and children spend time together, talk, organize, and laugh.

  • They teach how to think strategically. Inboard games you always need to complete an objective, either in competition or as a team. Children will learn how to organize their tactics strategically to reach an objective.
  • They help to develop a tolerance for frustration. It’s not only that in these games you can’t always win, but with the games, children are forced to follow rules, work as a team, wait… skills that are very important to them.
  • They help to develop memory and creativity. In these games, you have to remember the rules, the layouts, tactics… and you will also need to develop strategies, work out the intentions of others, send out bluffs… etc.


These Are The Best Board Games For Children For The Family To Play Together

That a board game is better or worse really depends on the preferences of the person. Having said that, there are games that are popular because they offer that all-around experience for nearly everyone. These are the best board games for children:

  • Scrabble

We start with a classic, and for good reason. This game is about making words from joining letters together that we receive and is one of the most popular games in the world. It improves both vocabulary and strategic thinking. It’s also very entertaining!


  • Code Master

A very light introduction to the world of computer programming for children. The avatar is immersed in an imaginary world where the players must come up with specific sequences to help him advance.


  • Sushi Go

A card game that has become very popular during the last few years. Players have to quickly come up with sushi menus in a game that rewards a fast eye and a capacity to rapidly work out mathematical equations. Simple, fast, and very fun.


  • Catan

Another classic although it is for players who are slightly older (for ages 10+). The players must collect resources and develop materials in a game where strategy is the key to victory. This is also available in digital format.


  • Dixit

Also very popular. Dixit is a real test of creativity and imagination. The players must come up with a word or sentence for each of the cryptic cards that make up the game…but be careful so that the other doesn’t guess your card.


  • Snakes and Ladders

Yet another classic, this one with very simple rules. You must advance up the table, filled with squares that help you to advance or force you backward. An ideal game for younger children that also has many differently themed versions. As with Catan, this game is available digitally.


  • Qwirkle

A board game for children where strategy and logic are required for victory. The players must join together the pieces in the best way possible, but it’s not easy. One of the best things about Qwirkle is that there are no two games alike and so it will be difficult for anybody to become bored.


When it comes to

board games for children, the possibilities are endless. There are options for all ages, interests, and styles of games. We are sure that you will find the ideal game for your family to spend time together playing.

Now, you tell us, have you tried out any of the games on the list? Would you add or remove any of the games from the list? Which is your favorite?

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