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Back to School Parent Handbook for a Successful Year

back to school

It’s that time of year! Back to school shopping. First day of school photos. The bittersweet feeling that comes with our little ones starting school for the first time or returning for another year! The beginning of the school year is an exciting, yet stressful, experience for both children and their caregivers. As vacations come to a close, it’s helpful to begin preparing children with positive habits and routines for school. That’s where the Back-to-School Parent Handbook comes in!

Wondering how to help your child be as successful as possible when they start their academic journey? We’re here to help! Introducing our Back-to School-Handbook for parents. Discover all the advice you need for kids ages 3 and under, 2-4, and 7+


What’s the Back-to-School Parent Handbook All About? 

This handbook is a compilation of our top resources from our parents’ community and blog. Here, you’ll find activities, tips, resources from experts, and so much more! 

Discover advice on: 

  • Preparation for back to school
  • Routines for positive habits
  • Technology for a new year
  • Back-to-school worries 
  • Social skills and dealing with bullies
  • Educational content


The Lingokids App is a great way to blend play and learning with activities that are both fun and educational. The Back-to-School handbook, a downloadable and interactive PDF, includes links to educational and life skill activities that keep kids get in the right mindset for a new school year! 


Parents, what do you think? 

Let us know how you’re using the Back-to-School Parent Handbook by commenting below!

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