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Let’s Hit Play! Relax Your Children with Music

On occasions, our sons and daughters are so full of energy that they don’t know how to stop. Sports and physical activity, in general, can often be a big help to “wear out” our children, but sometimes we find that these activities are not always enjoyable for them and therefore, we must find other activities to reduce any hyperactivity.

For this, music always stands out as a possible solution to combat hyperactivity. Our hearing is the first of our senses to fully develop, meaning that there is nothing more basic to the human race than music. Precisely because of this, different types of music will generate different effects on different people independently of their ages. Music is a creative art form that will help children to develop their listening abilities and their creativity, at the same time as finding calmness and peacefulness during the day or during an activity that is being conducted.

If you decide to put this to the test, be sure to create an environment that is ideal for relaxing to music. Combining both relaxing music and nonphysical activities will result in the effects of the music being multiplied, helping your children to reach a state of complete relaxation. For example, if your children are doing a creative activity such as drawing or painting, then put on some classical music in the background and you will notice the difference.


Ways That We Can Use Music As A Tool To Try And Calm Down Our Little Ones

Classical Music

Pieces of music by Mozart and Chopin can provide great background music to calm down any excess energy. Classical music is characterized by its slower rhythm making it ideal for children to absorb the calmness that is transmitted by the music. Also, classical music can be the inspiration that our children need to further develop their hearing skills and to even start learning how to play a musical instrument.



Depending on the children’s age, this type of music can be perfect. If they are under the age of three, they are very sensitive to certain sounds making this type of music ideal to find the right notes that help them to settle. Songs like “Twinkle Twinkle”, can be of a great benefit as they will help children to fall asleep or even to just relax.


Nature Sounds

Instrumental music that includes sounds from nature can be very relaxing for children, especially if they are doing something creative, as the images that are created can be transferred into other activities such as drawing. Listening to the sounds of animals or to the sound of trees moving in the wind, can help to stimulate the imagination and creates a state of relaxation and tranquillity.


Musicals And Soundtracks From Movies

Musicals and songs to dance will help children have fun and will get children to release excess energy at the same time. These catchy tunes will get children moving, which will use up that energy whilst helping to reduce their hyperactivity.


Learning To Play An Instrument

Not only does listening to music help to reduce hyperactivity but also learning to play an instrument will help them to control their energy levels. There are studies that show how the timing and musical rhythms will help children to increase their levels of concentration. They will also improve their abilities to express themselves and to communicate better. There are many examples of musicians and famous singers who suffered from hyperactivity, that have discovered a state of tranquillity from their music and have also found a way to communicate a lot more efficiently.


Music is the perfect tool for mums and dads who are searching for ways to relax their children. Not only is it a resource that can channel children’s excess energy, but it will also help children to develop important abilities such as creativity, concentration, listening, and communication. Above all of these skills, you will be able to rest and calm down your children, enjoying music together. Your children will be grateful for listening to a few songs to wind down to at the end of a hectic day.

Don’t forget to create an environment optimal for relaxation, low lighting, decorations that don’t distract attention, cushions to lay on… Be careful with the volume also, try to find a level that is adequate for children to feel comfortable.

If you are looking for ideas, then these are a few of the best songs for children.

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