From Coding to Collaboration: Our Top STEM Activities

STEM for kids

STEM is a term that we hear a lot of these days, especially for those of us families who have kids in school. But what does STEM actually encompass? STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s important for kids to learn these particular skills from a young age. With STEM, kids are being prepared for future jobs in tech that haven’t even been invented yet! 

STEM helps kids learn how to think critically, problem-solve, and be innovative. But this type of education isn’t all about numbers and tech, STEM also encourages creativity and hands-on learning. We all know that kids love working with their hands and asking questions about the world around them! 

Check out the many STEM activities that kids are Playlearning with the Lingokids app! 


Science 🔬


This cartoon gives children the opportunity to learn all about the water cycle. They follow the Lingokids characters as they go on a journey through the water cycle. This helps children begin to understand and see connections in the world around them. Plus, the cartoon encourages kids’ curiosity about how things work! Through watching the characters interact with each other, children can learn about collaboration and critical thinking.


 Technology 📱


This groovy tune teaches kids about coding and technology vocabulary. They can learn about how coders talk to computers to develop programs and create algorithms. Your child can explore the world of AI, digits, and programming with Baby Bot!


Engineering ⚙️


Join the Lisa the cat as she sings about all the different jobs she wants to do when she grows up. This song teaches kids about many different professions in STEM and famous inventors throughout history. When listening, kids can also learn about community and citizenship by learning how all these different jobs contribute to helping make our world a better place. 


Math ➗


Billy is blowing up different sized balloons and Cowy wants one, too! This video teaches kids about comparing sizes and helps kids practice numeracy skills. Children can learn about the concept of small, medium, big, and bigger. Can Billy help Cowy make up her mind? 


Interactive STEM Games on the Lingokids App 💙

Check out more information on the importance of STEM here. Interested in the many immersive STEM activities on the Lingokids App? Download the app now to start your child’s adventure in learning through play. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channels for more songs, podcasts, and activities!

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