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The Lingokids Essential Guide To Staying At Home!

Waking up to another day at home can be tough. Finding things to do with kids can be even tougher. You might feel like there’s never enough activities to keep the kids entertained all day every day.

That’s why we’ve created this guide chock full of fun things to do. Continue reading for some inspiration for educational and creative things to do at home with your little ones!


Everyday Fun With Lingokids

billy app

Looking for ideas on how to keep your kids entertained? You’ve come to the right place!

Our app welcomes all children ages 2 to 8! We want to help families learn English and empower people to be creative. empathetic, and inquisitive. Our app includes plenty of games, songs, and activities to keep the fun going all week long!.


Playlearning™ With Lingokids

We’re such big fans of learning by play that we’ve made it central to our mission, referring to this approach as playlearning™. We understand how important it is to have fun while learning, which is why we aim to educate through games, songs, and other activities!

We also want to help children develop vital soft skills for the 21st century. otherwise known as the “4 C’s:” Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication.



Creativity is at the heart of what Lingokids stands for. We wanted to create a colorful, interactive world for kids to learn through play, enhance their creativity, and have fun while doing so.

In our app, we have games based on pretend-play, which stimulate kids’ imaginations as they put themselves in different scenarios. We also have activities that feature coloring and musical instruments, which introduce children to the performing and fine arts. We also have our Lingokids Songs to get your children on their feet and dancing while learning at the same time!



We want to teach kids that we work better together. Collaboration is when different perspectives and viewpoints come together to help address a problem and find a solution more creatively. A win, win really!

We know that great things happen when families spend some quality time playlearning™ together, which is why we created special Lingokids ‘play together’ games. These games engage both parents and children to collaborate and think strategically while introducing new vocabulary and grammar.

Check out one of our play together games here!


Critical Thinking

Kids are naturally curious and they often have a million questions about the world around them. Lingokids wants to encourage this critical thinking, as it makes kids more considerate and puts their natural curiosity to good use.

To help develop critical thinking, we’ve created fun app activities like the Hide and Seek game and our Safari Song. And you may have already noticed our Tiny Talks on our social media and on our Parents Community! These questions are cute conversation starters, and can also prompt your child to think deeper about the world around them.

Why not use this Tiny Talk example for a fun conversation this evening!

tiny talk community (1)



Communication skills help children express emotion and thoughts, thereby strengthening their relationships. It’s difficult to communicate well without good vocabulary!

Our Lingokids curriculum is designed to improve vocabulary in a fun and safe environment. With our Boat Navigation Game, you and your kids can play and work together to help navigate Lisa’s boat. This game is great for encouraging communication and who knows – you may even pick up a few new words yourself!

Take a look here!



How Else Can Lingokids Help?

We know that each person learns differently, which is why we have lots of different resources to help you while at home. These resources include visual methods, auditory methods, and kinaesthetic methods, all designed for maximum learning!


Online English Lesson Plans

online english lesson plan for kids (1)

We’ve carefully created online English lesson plans that are perfect for children ages 2 to 5. Specially crafted to be as engaging and varied as possible, these lesson plans ensure better concentration and more effective learning.

Learn all about colors, family, numbers, pets, and shapes with our online English lessons! These lesson plans are easy to follow and include songs and games to guide you.


The Lingokids Audiobooks Universe

On our website, you’ll find the Lingokids audiobooks, each carefully designed to help your child develop their English skills. While listening along to a native English speaker, your child will gradually become familiar with the rhythm of the English language and its everyday speed.

Our favorite audiobooks by ages:

  • 2 to 4-year-olds: How do I feel – Learn the words for the different emotions with Cowy.
  • 5 to 6-year-olds: Snowy Snack – Get inspired by Cowy’s and Bobby’s snack-making abilities while they’re stuck indoors.
  • 7+-year-olds: Pack your Lunch – Lisa and her friends are packing a picnic and they need your help! Make sure you don’t forget anything.


The Lingokids Spotify Channel

There’s no better way to entertain children than by singing and dancing around the house. And with our Lingokids Spotify channel for kids, your little ones can learn key phrases and vocabulary while having a blast!.

Use our Spotify channel to join parents and children all around the world in a good ole’ boogie to your favorite Lingokids tunes!.


Popcorn Sessions!

On our Youtube channel, you’ll find our Lingokids cartoon episodes, featuring all your favorite Lingokids characters. On 28th March 2020, we held our first Popcorn Sessions Movie Marathon, which was a major hit among our Lingofamilies.

If you missed it, don’t worry! We still have it up on our Youtube, So settle down, grab the popcorn, and enjoy a movie marathon! While you’re at it, check out the rest of our Youtube channel for lots of music videos, lessons, and gameplays.



More Lingokids Recommendations!

Looking for more ideas? Check out our articles that include some of our top recommendations for movies and other online resources.


Our Favorite Films for Kids

best movies to watch with kids at home

Movies are a great way to spend some time together as a family. Not only does choosing the movie teach kids cooperation, but it also makes for an easy segue into a wider range of conversations and vocabulary. Check out this list of our favorite movies for some great ideas for your next family movie night!.


Online Platforms for Kids to Fill Your Day

online platform for kids at home

There are plenty of awesome online resources out there, but it can be hard to know the best ones for your child’s age group. We’ve done our research and compiled a list of amazing and helpful platforms with fun activities to make planning your day a little bit easier!.


Wait, Even More Lingokids Recommendations!

We managed to think of even more things to do! At Lingokids, we love coming up with fun ways to spend a rainy afternoon. We had a little dig into our blog to find some of our favorite cooking and crafts, to give you a bit of inspiration for your time at home.


For World Popcorn Day we came up with some delicious Popcorn recipes, so you can celebrate it every day! Make these tasty and nutritious snacks for kids as the perfect special treat.


Pizza Time!

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, then why not try out making pizzas with your kids, and help them learn how their favorite food is made. Maybe save some time afterward for cleanup however!


✂️ Craft o’Clock

Find a wealth of tips for arts and crafts, which you can make with your kids out of things you can find in your house! Help kids improve their motor skills, sense of creativity, and self-esteem, all by making these fun arts and crafts together!.


We hope our guide has been helpful in giving you different ideas for a fun-filled week. Do you have any more tips that we may not have added? Let us know on our social media channels. Happy playlearning™!

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