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3 Tips for Getting Your Child to Go to Sleep

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Let’s be honest… one of the hardest parts about parenting is the lack of sleep—for kids and for parents! Introducing the infamous bedtime routine. Although bedtime routines can be time-consuming to set up, they ultimately lead to better sleep, help kids practice self-care, and instill independence and responsibility

While every family has their own schedule when it comes to these routines, there are common practices that can support the daily practice of getting your child to go to sleep.


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3 Tips for Getting Your Child to Go to Sleep

1. Committing to a nightly routine

Children thrive with stability and predictability. Setting up a nightly routine for your child to complete before bed will help them know what to expect every night. After a while, kids will anticipate their bedtime routine, leading to less resistance as they journey to dreamland! 

With a nightly routine, children understand the stages of getting ready for sleep—everybody puts on their pajamas, brushes their teeth, washes their face, reads a book, and goes to sleep in their own beds.

Plus, a nighttime routine doesn’t have to be boring! Add in moments that kids can look forward to, like Goodnight Yoga or a Bedtime Playlist to set the tone while getting into pajamas and brushing teeth.



2. Getting kids to sleep in their own room

The struggle of getting children to go to sleep in their own beds is real! This transition can be difficult for both the child and caregivers.

Dr. Gablehouse, a retired pediatrician and member of our Board of Educators, suggests being firm, consistent, and reassuring with children throughout this process. 

Parents can also create excitement about the process of getting kids to sleep in their own rooms. Try hyping up your child’s “big kid” bed and including them in decorating their own private sleeping space. 


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3. Setting up a sleep environment 

It’s all about setting the mood. Kids don’t want to miss out on the fun… especially if they see that the TV is on and everyone is hanging out without them! 

An hour before bedtime, try lowering the energy in the household by using soft, dim lighting in the house and turning down the volume and brightness on any device.

To set up a sleep environment, try:

  • Keeping screens out of your child’s room at night and avoid using a phone or tablet in the hours before bedtime
  • Making your child’s room dark and a cool temperature throughout the night
  • Playing quiet, wordless music or putting on a sound machine to block out distracting noises that might wake up your child and disturb their sleep cycle


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