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4 Tips to Combat Kids’ Fear of the Dentist

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Scraping sounds. Sharp metal instruments. Unfamiliar faces. Going to the dentist, especially for the first time, can be an overwhelming experience for children (and adults, too!). Whether your child has already developed a fear of the dentist or you are preparing them for their first visit, here are a few ideas to help make that first trip smoother. 


Role-Play Going to the Dentist 🎭

Most children don’t like being in unfamiliar situations. When kids don’t have a sense of security in what is happening around them, they can quickly get frightened. 

Help children understand what goes on by role-playing being in the dentist’s chair! You and your child can take turns being the dentist and “inspecting” teeth to ensure they’re nice and healthy. Role-playing will walk kids through what to expect in a trip to the dentist while making the situation light and fun. 


Sing Dentist Songs 🎶

Singing is a great way to teach children about new words and situations subtly. When kids sing along to “The Dentist Song,” they become accustomed to what to expect during a trip to the dentist. 



Find a Kid-Friendly Dentist 🦷

It’s no secret that many people are afraid of getting their teeth checked on! Sometimes the trick is to find a professional who is patient with children and knows how to help put them at ease. Ask around your local community or search online for practices with a good reputation with kiddos. This can make a trip to the dentist a fun learning experience instead of a torturous one. 


Practice Good Dental Hygiene 🪥

One of the best ways to ensure a smooth trip to the dentist is to come in with a healthy set of chompers! Most parents know that kids don’t always love brushing their teeth, and it can be a daily struggle. 

You can make bathroom routines more fun by putting on a song to brush teeth and dance, making a competition out of who can brush their teeth the longest, or setting up a sticker chart where kids can earn a sticker for each time they brush their teeth. Although it takes a bit of work to get kids excited about brushing their teeth, once they get into the habit of brushing without a meltdown, it will all be worth it! 




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