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5 Positive Parenting Phrases to Try with Your Children

crianza positiva

Positive parenting phrases can help children thrive by encouraging their curiosity and personal development! This style of parenting is based on clear expectations, consistency and reliability, and affection and appreciation. With positive parenting, you can better understand your child’s individuality and boost their confidence. 

While every family knows what’s best when it comes to their children and their parenting style, here are some phrases to use with your child if you’re interested in implementing positive parenting in your daily routine!


1. Praising efforts over outcomes

Taking the focus away from the outcome of your child’s efforts (winning a game or getting a perfect score) helps them recognize that their worth isn’t defined by winning or losing.

In this example, children see that they can earn praise and positive outcomes by trying hard! 


efforts over outcomes


2. Negating children’s challenges

Comments that invalidate or negate a child’s experience can discredit their reality, especially if a task was difficult for them.

Acknowledging the amount of effort a child puts into a task helps them understand that it’s better to try and fail than to never try at all. 


negating challenges


3. Acknowledging all feelings

If your child is worried about something, that feeling is very real for them. As an adult, you might know that there’s nothing to worry about, but a child doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to make the same realization.

In this case, it’s helpful to actively listen to what your child is worried about so you can find the root of their anxiety and talk it through with them. Children feel supported and secure in knowing that they’re not alone and that you understand their anxiety.


acknowledging feelings


4. Overpraising abilities

We love our children more than anything in the world; it’s normal to react with high praise for all the things they do!

That said, it can be helpful to find a healthy balance of praise for your child’s achievements, because too much praise may make it more difficult for them to accept failure and setbacks later on in life.


overpraising abilities


5. Addressing mature subjects

If your child is asking about something mature, they likely have some information about it already. It’s important to address their questions so they feel comfortable and confident coming to you with questions in the future, plus they may have received incorrect or misleading information from others.

Give your child space to explain what they know and think about the issue, then try to explain the complex issues to them in a factual and simple manner. It’s helpful to remind your child that you are always there to listen and answer their questions to the best of your ability. 


difficult topics


Positive Parenting and Lingokids

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