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Families that play together stay together!


As families, there are plenty of games we can play to spend quality time together.

Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in a day, and many of us wish we had more time—particularly to share with our family. Choosing fun, engaging activities and games to play with our little ones can make all the difference in taking full advantage of our precious family time.

At Lingokids, we offer you new games to play with your kids that are not only educational and entertaining, but can also help them learn important skills while you create fun memories together.

Discover how!

‍ ‍ Why is it important to play games together as a family?

Families that play together stay together

From outdoor to indoor options, board games to sports, there are many games for us to play together as a family.

Turning family time into quality time is key to helping build stronger relationships. It’s an opportunity to share stories, come up with inside jokes, and create lifelong memories with our loved ones.

At Lingokids, we feel much the same about spending quality playtime with our kids—because great things happen when families play together! Choosing the “right” games and activities for your child might sound hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Engaging them with creative activities that you both enjoy is a great start!

When we’re having fun, the reward center of our brain is activated, and it just feels good. It’s no surprise that this is the best way for kids to develop and learn (and why they spend so much time playing!)

Nurturing this state of play means saying “yes” to instant adventures or unexpected ideas—and inviting more fun into our everyday lives.

Reconnecting with Your Inner Child

Families that play together stay together

For us grown-ups, no matter our age, wonderful things also happen when we play, like learning! When we tap into our inner child to play and discover new things with our little ones, we make the most of the amazing adventure that is growing up and raising a child.

Playing board games at home, building sandcastles on the beach, or eating ice cream together on a rainy day—it doesn’t matter which activity we choose to do with our child, as long as we give them a piece of our heart and, more importantly, our time and attention.

After all, that’s what they will remember most.

✔️The Benefits of Playing Games Together as a Family

Families that play together stay together

Your entire family can benefit from spending quality playtime together.

Here are just a few of the perks:

Family Bonding: Playing family games, sharing adventures, discussing strategies, and having fun together can help moms, dads, kids, grandparents, and other family members build stronger relationships.

Increased Communication: While playing games together, communication is key. Explaining the rules or what to do next, choosing which path to take, deciding which option to choose—these dynamics can impact and reflect your child’s ability to listen and be heard.

Trust and Confidence: Relying on a partner is an important part of playing games. Trusting your game partner and, in return, feeling that you can be trusted, increases confidence and self-esteem. Playing games with your family can help you become a trusted figure to your child.

Decreased Behavioral Problems: To summarize the above, when you share a strong emotional bond with your child, establish trust, and improve communication within your family, you are likely to see an improvement in your child’s behavior.

Introducing the New Lingokids “Play Together” Games

It’s playtime! Try out these new Lingokids “play together” games with your kid.

After recognizing the many benefits that family games have to offer, we’ve designed some exciting new games you and your little ones will love!

Our new play together games are designed to encourage fun, educational parent-child playlearning™.

These games foster communication, collaboration, and strategic thinking while teaching vocabulary—fun for the whole family!

Check them out:

Collaborative Games

These funny games help build collaboration, communication, and strategy skills while helping your child learn new vocabulary for fruits and vegetables!

Two new collaborative games are available for you to play with your child:

Play Together! Boat Navigation Game

– About: Help Lisa sail her boat through dangerous waters to pick up all the fruit, but be careful, there are water swirls everywhere!

– How to Play: On each side of the device you will find two arrows with the directions and on the other one the wheel. You’ll need to synchronize and communicate with your child in order to navigate the boat and pick all the fruits Lisa needs!

Play Together! Tractor Driving Game

– About: Elliot needs some help collecting all the vegetables of his farm.

– How to Play: Direction commands are located on one side of your device, with the tractor’s wheel on the other side. One of you will take care of either going forward or backward, and the other one will turn the tractor 360º!

️How to Play the New Lingokids “Play Together” Games

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If you already enjoy the Lingokids app, head to the “EXTRA CONTENT” section of the games area to find our full selection of games.

Please keep in mind that if you have Lingokids Basic, these family games are included in the three free games and activities you can enjoy per day. Remember: you can always upgrade your Lingokids account right from the app to enjoy all of our content without restrictions!

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