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How To Explain Coronavirus To Kids: 5 Common Questions

Like us, your kids must have a bunch of questions about Coronavirus. This period is quite overwhelming and it can be hard to decide how to explain what is going on.

At Lingokids, we think it’s best to keep your kids in the loop, but it can be difficult when the situation is as fast-changing and complicated as Coronavirus! That’s why we asked Billy to explain the situation to us in a special video and we also came up with a bunch of questions and simple answers, which we hope can help to alleviate any anxiety.


Billy Explains In A Video What Coronavirus Is


Visual learning is one of the best ways to explain new information to kids. That’s why we asked Billy, our scientist in the Lingoworld, to give us a hand making an explanatory video for kids to address the main points about coronavirus. Thanks, Billy!



5 Common Questions Kids Ask About Coronavirus

1. So, what actually is the Coronavirus?

The illness that is happening at the moment is called COVID-19 and it is a new type of Coronavirus, which is the name for the group of viruses which causes the common cold and the flu. Chances are, if you have ever had a cold, felt bunged up or had a sore throat then you have been infected by a Coronavirus before!


2. What happens if I get it?

Luckily, the Coronavirus does not affect children too much, but they can transmit the virus to other people. If you get it, you will have a temperature, experience coughing, and sneezing and you may have a sore throat. You should stay at home, preferably in bed, and make sure to wash your hands lots and lots and try to keep at least three feet away from your siblings and other members of the family.


3. Why is there no medicine?

Germs are either bacteria or viruses. COVID-19 is a type of virus, which means it has a different structure to bacteria. It is very difficult to make medicines for viruses due to this different structure as they essentially ‘hide’ in the body and they replicate differently. Therefore, it is much more effective to try to make a type of vaccine against COVID-19, which doctors are currently trying to develop. This will take a bit of time as creating vaccines can be expensive, and there are needs to be lots of testing to make sure they are safe.


4. Do I need to wear a mask?

Wearing a mask is a very important way to fight against Coronavirus. In some countries, it is a legal requirement to wear one in public whilst indoors, so it is worth checking before venturing out. A reusable face mask is the best option, and make sure to wash it after each use!

5. What can I do to keep everyone safe?

There are many ways that you can take charge of the situation, to make sure that everyone around you is safe.

  • Wash your hands! Wash your hands after coughing or sneezing, when you come inside, before eating, and of course, after going to the bathroom. Make sure to wash your hands with lots of soap, make loads of bubbles, and keep washing for twenty seconds.
  • Use tissues! When you blow your nose or use a tissue, make sure to throw it away as quickly as possible. Also, try to sneeze and cough into your elbow rather than your hand, as this makes it less likely for you to pass the germs onto other people.
  • Talk to your parents! If at any point you feel like you have a temperature, a cough or a sore throat make sure to let an adult know as soon as possible and they can help you!

We hope that this has helped you find some ways to address some of your kids’ concerns about coronavirus. If you have any more tips or questions, let us know on our Social Media channels!

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