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The Why Behind Why Kids Ask So Many Questions

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In honor of International Ask a Question Day, we’re exploring a theme that is all too common for parents… kids’ never-ending questions! 

While constant questions can be bothersome for caregivers (especially when it’s the same one over and over), the fact that children are asking so many questions is a good sign! Youngsters who ask lots of questions are most likely curious, inquisitive, and observant about the world around them.


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The reason behind the ‘whys’

Kids’ questions start rolling in like thunder around age 3. They’re beginning to form sentences and connect the dots from what they see to what they understand. 

As their neural pathways buzz with new information and quick development, toddlers become eager to make sense of how everything works!


3 ways to deal with consistent questions

No one, not even parents, has the answers to everything! In fact, it’s worthwhile for parents to find creative ways to navigate the question phase without running to Google each time a child says the ‘w’ word!


1. Flip the script

Sometimes, the best thing to do when your child asks a question is to divert the question back at them. 

You can say something like, “Well, why do you think the sky is blue?” It’s a great practice to get children out of the habit of simply asking, and it helps nudge them into the zone of reflecting and critical thinking

Plus, you’ll surely get some hilarious answers and a glimpse into what is going on inside your child’s mind!


2. Investigate together

Many children are visual learners. Seeing a picture or diagram that explains their question might help ease their endless asking. 

For example, if your child is asking a lot of questions about why they have to brush their teeth, perhaps a picture book about bathroom routines can help them put the pieces together. If they ask why the moon is in the sky at nighttime, an explanatory video for kids could help the information click!


3. Open communication

There will come a time when your child asks a question about a tough topic like death, sex, or violence. Questions like these may stop you in your tracks, but they can be important opportunities for your family to grow and learn together. 

When children learn that it’s safe to ask questions about any topic, they’ll be more likely to come to you for support and guidance later on. 

For more support on how to have difficult conversations with your child, check out this article


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