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6 Tips for Raising a Bilingual Family in the New Year

The holidays are the perfect time to start thinking about setting some goals for the upcoming year. Parents who wish to raise bilingual kids can face some issues during the process, however, there’s no need to panic. Here you’ll find a few tips to tackle these challenges and continue aiming for success.


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1. Introduce new words weekly: Every week, let your children pick a topic. It can be toys, food, zoo animals, a favorite film – whatever they want! Then post words or phrases related to this topic in the target language along with pictures on the fridge. As a family try using these words all week long. The last week of each month, repost these picture dictionaries and encourage your family to use them all.

Movie night - bilingual kids

2. Bilingual movie night: Watch movies together as a family! Spice up your Friday nights by cooking a family dinner with recipes from the country of the new language and then pick out a film that everyone will enjoy.

3. Language learning apps: Using a fun and educational app such as Lingokids , your child can learn English or Chinese whenever, wherever! Enjoy mini-games, engaging writing exercises, songs, and videos! Print out the additional material and find fun activities for the whole family.


4. Playdates with other bilingual families: Do you know of any bilingual families in your school or neighborhood? Plan activities together such as trips to the aquarium, picnics in the park, or hiking trips, and encourage each other to use the target language. Children thrive when learning through play!


5. Listen to music: When driving around or running some errands, find fun songs for Kids in the new language. Sooner or later your children will start singing along without even realizing it. Music is a powerful learning tool!


6. Don’t give up! It’s not the end of the world if you fall behind with your goals or slack off for a few weeks. The important thing is to get back and not lose sight!


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