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🏳️‍🌈 LGBT+ Parenting: We love all our Lingokids families!

This month is Pride Month and we at Lingokids are sending our love to all the LGBT+ families who make up our big, happy, diverse Lingofamily!

To show our LGBT+ family support during this exciting month, we want to celebrate some of our favorite LGBT+ families from around the world, both Lingokids users and non-users.

All of these social media influencers are inspirational examples of diverse families who use their platforms to discuss, embrace, and celebrate the differences that we believe unites us all. These families truly inspire us with their honesty, vulnerability, and, of course, their adorable children! And that’s why we think they deserve a special shoutout.


7 LGBT+ families we’re showing our Lingolove for!

Rob Taylor


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A post shared by Rob Taylor (@2traveldads)

Image taken from @2traveldads on Instagram

“The original LGBT+ family travel blog, ” Rob Taylor is the super dad behind the Instagram account. @2traveldads Rob uses his platform to give users a glimpse into his life with his partner Chris and their two boys.

We love keeping up with this family’s many adventures on the road and all the adventures they have at their home in Florida, as well.




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A post shared by Raff (@raffinee)

Image taken from @raffinee on Instagram

This account is run by Raffinee, a mother of three adorable toddlers who lives in California with her wife, Mica. In addition to sharing beautiful photos of their family, these two moms use their social platform to offer amazing advice and LGBT+ family support.


Burton Buffaloe

Image taken from @bbbuffaloe on Instagram

Burton Buffaloe and his husband Dustin Smith are the proud dads of little twin “buffaloes,” Stone and Holland. We can’t help but smile every time we scroll through their Instagram feed, which is full of gorgeous pictures of their family.

And in case you can’t get enough of this family on Instagram, the two dads also just recently launched a YouTube channel about raising their “buffaloes.”


The Next Family


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A post shared by The Next Family (@thenextfamily)

Image taken from @thenextfamily on Instagram

The Next Family Instagram is run by Brandy and Susan, two moms with three beautiful children. Follow their account for a peek into their lives or check out their YouTube channel for super funny, relatable content about LGBT+ parenting.

Their YouTube channel offers amazing insight and advice on how to raise diverse, open-minded children, as well as all the real challenges and joys that come with LGBT+ parenting!


Daddy & Dad


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A post shared by Daddy & Dad (@daddyanddad)

Image taken from @daddyanddad on Instagram

“Two dads, two boys, and one blog.” We’re not the only ones who think this account is amazing! Run by two UK dads, this platform has been awarded the Top 20 LGBT+ Parenting Blog, the 2019 Brilliance in Blogging winner, and was a finalist for the 2019 Online Influence Awards.

Not only is their Instagram feed stocked with gorgeous pictures of their adorable boys, but their blog shares tons of information and advice about LGBT+ parenting.


Meet The Wildes


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A post shared by Amber Wilde (@meetthewildes)

Image taken from @meetthewildes on Instagram

This award-winning account is run by two moms from the UK, Amber and Kirsty Wilde. And we can’t get enough of their five adorable children, all of whom make regular appearances on the account’s feed!

You’ll find plenty of images of this family doing arts and crafts, cooking, and playing together.




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A post shared by Oh!Mamiblue (@oh.mamiblue)

Image taken from @oh.mamiblue on Instagram

Oh!Mamiblue is a lifestyle and family travel Instagram account run by Verónica Sánchez. Veronica’s feed highlights her life with her partner, two mothers with one adorable son, Álex.

Scroll through her Instagram feed to see plenty of amazing content about her family… and a whole lot of yummy food posts!


️‍ LGBT+ Parenting: Show your pride!

Whether you’re part of the LGBT+ community or not, we all have an amazing opportunity to celebrate and teach our children about Pride! Influencer Rob Taylor explains in his Why Pride Matters blog article the many advantages that participating in Pride offers our kids in their development.

In his article, Rob explains that one of the reasons Pride matters is that it breaks stereotypes and teaches our little ones to be accepting of all people. And in addition to raising awareness, teaching our children about Pride can also help normalize LGBT+ parenting.

By taking part in Pride and showing our LGBT+ families support, we can raise our little ones to be confident, accepting, and inclusive individuals.


Happy Pride Month to LGBT+ families everywhere!

During this month – and all year round for that matter – we’re celebrating the diversity that makes up our Lingofamily, as well as our entire global community.

Check out our video compilation of these LGBT+ parents and their amazing families to see why we love them so much!

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