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How to Apply Your Child’s In-App Progress to Everyday Life

progreso aprendizaje niños

Did you know that you can see exactly what your child is learning with Lingokids? Introducing the Progress Center, a tool in the app that allows caregivers to explore their child’s learning journey! 

With this feature, you can see your child’s achievements, word progress, and topics they’ve recently practiced. 


How to track your child’s progress

  1. Download Lingokids Plus.
  2. At the top of the app’s screen, click on your child’s name.
  3. Click on the Parents Area button.
  4. Enter your year of birth to verify that you are an adult.
  5. Click on the Award Ribbon icon at the bottom right of the screen. This takes you to the Progress Center.
  6. Explore the topics, skills, and vocabulary words your child has been learning. 

progress center


4 ways to maximize the Progress Center

1. Create a Playlearning routine ⏲️

Routines help children manage their time with technology, play, and daily responsibilities. Having a solid routine can support them in their academic and personal development. 

It’s helpful to keep track of how much time kids spend on devices. Consider how long you’d like your child to enjoy Playlearning™, and a set time limit in the app for reassurance. 

Click here for more information on how to set up a screen time limit for your child in the Lingokids app.


2. Reinforce vocabulary words 💫

A great way to support your child’s growth is to reinforce the vocabulary words they are learning in the app. 

To reinforce learning, review the words your child has learned by browsing the “Words” section of the Progress Center. Afterwards, review the vocabulary words in contexts outside of the Lingokids app

For example, if you see that your child has been practicing food vocabulary, you can plan a trip to the grocery store and ask them to help point out all of the fruits and vegetables they recognize. Or, if you notice that your child is learning the names of household items, plan a scavenger hunt throughout your home to see how many things they can label! 


3. Make each week a special theme 🎈

It can be helpful for children to focus on one specific goal at a time. Check out the “Topics” section of the Progress Center to find different categories. These topics might include: family, pets, seasons, or numbers. 

To start, you can pick a topic that your child has recently learned and commit to referring to it each day. For example, if the category is “family,” you can try one of these activities each day of the week:

Monday: Look at photos of family members and practice counting the number of siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. 

Tuesday: Read a book about family! Click here to see book recommendations for kids of all ages.

Wednesday: Draw a picture of your family tree!

Thursday: Listen to a podcast for kids about family.

Friday: Sing and dance to music about family.

 Saturday: Have fun role-playing. Let your child choose which family member they’d like to play—maybe the father or brother to one of their toys!

Sunday: Watch a family movie together. Disney and Pixar films often have strong family themes. Ask your child questions throughout the film, such as, “which one is the father?” or “who is the grandmother?”


4. Celebrate achievements 🎉

At the top of the Progress Center, you can see the “Achievements” section with special awards that your child has received. These achievements include honors such as “Aspiring Chef,” “Earth Lover,” “Curious Camper,” and more! 

Once your child has received a Lingokids achievement, you can plan a special celebration! Your learner will love the recognition for their hard work. Celebrate with your child’s favorite snacks and ask them to “teach” your family what they have learned

Their knowledge can expand further when they get to be an “expert” in the subject. You’ll be amazed at what they know! 


The Learning Process and Lingokids

Interested in learning more about the learning process and Lingokids? Download the app and check out the content on our YouTube channels. Let us know how you reinforce learning with your child by tagging us on social media.

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