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Learn English through stories

There’s no doubt that children love watching cartoons on TV and playing with them on learning apps, they transcend cultures and children easily recognize some of their favorites from their native language. This is the main reason why we encourage parents to get the advantage of the power that classic folk tales have to entertain young learners. Storytelling not only helps children cultivate reading comprehension skills and plants seeds for learning development, but it also helps learners begin to understand some essential life lessons. For example, empathy is a powerful lesson that children can learn through classic stories, such as The Lion and The Mouse, where they also teach about the importance of compassion and kindness.

Moreover, these lessons usually begin at home with family, and they are a key component in the development of young bilingual citizens. Aesop’s fables use animal characters to tell a story along with a moral or a lesson. The stories can be complemented with cartoon or videos as visual learning aids! There are various ways to teach English to children through fables. Today we have some useful recommendations on teaching different types of stories.

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Reading stories - English through stories

1. Storytelling: before your kids go to sleep, tell them a story! Pick one of the classics, like The Ant and the Grasshopper or The Hare and the Tortoise, which are timeless stories that children will love! You can read the story yourself or maybe play an audio book for them to listen, so they can start to relate to native English pronunciation. A great idea to try!

Fables - English through stories

2. Fable storybooks: There are many story books with characters’ illustrations. Read the storybook to your little one as you show the illustrations, that way, all the images will help your child understand the deeper meaning of the story. Nowadays there are tons of resources that gather colorful illustrations, compelling stories, and English language, here you have some book recommendations in English to read with your little ones.

puppets - English through stories

3. Puppet show: Make or invest in some puppets! You can even use stuffed animals around the house for this activity. Puppets provide visual support and children love talking to them. Use them to tell the story and then let your little one play with the characters!

Storytelling remains a powerful tool in early language development and fosters thoughtful students. Make sure to ask your children about their favorite characters and what type of stories they enjoy the most. So, have fun with some bedtime stories!

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