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Top Benefits of Reading Books to Kids

Reading books with children during their early years has many positive effects on their development. There are so many benefits of reading books to kids!  …

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LingoListen To Our New Kids’ Podcast!

We’re so excited to introduce our brand new podcast for kids, LingoListen! With our exciting different audio stories, your child will get to learn about …

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Drawing Books for Children to Learn How to Draw

Drawing is an expression of the imagination and creativity that began many years ago. Even now, children continue to choose this way of expressing themselves …

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Fall Asleep to These… Bedtime Stories for Your Baby

Bedtime stories for babies are just as important as any other stories that we may read to children of all ages, or even more so! …

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Best Short Stories for Kids

What Benefits Will Short Stories Bring To Your Children? Fables never get old, with their charm and the fun that they bring, to their countless …

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The Best Poetry Books for Children

Why Is Poetry So Appropriate For Young Children? Poetry books for children are one of the best ways to introduce them to the world of …

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The Best Stories For Primary School Children

Young Children And Reading Habits Finding the best stories for primary school children is essential for all parents who wish for their children to begin …

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Coloring Books, a Classic You Can Never Go Wrong With

Making sure our children are entertained when they are at home it’s hard. Something that anyone with children can agree on. That’s why, on many …

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8 Best Fall Books for Kids to learn English

Autumn is upon us, which means cozy sweaters, early sunsets, colorful leaves, and snuggling up with a good book. Even if your children are toddlers …